By listening to old voicemails that his late mother Alma left, Mark Wahlberg keeps her memory alive…

The love of a mother is unending in its devotion. Regardless of the challenges that may be faced along the road, a mother’s love and concern for her children will continue to have a significant impact, even after her passing, in the form of the teachings and principles that are handed down from one generation to the next.

When individuals are grieving the loss of a really close loved one, particularly a mother, some people may go to great measures simply to relive those wonderful moments with them. This is especially true when the person who passed away was a mother.

Mark Wahlberg, an actor who has been nominated for an Academy Award and whose mother Alma Wahlberg is a single parent, was a devoted son to his mother when she was raising their large family of nine children. Alma was not one to be uncomfortable in front of the camera, as seen by her several roles as a cast member in the American reality television series “Wahlburgers,” which starred the Wahlberg family. During an interview with Anderson Cooper in 2011, she discussed the challenges she had as a single parent parenting over a dozen children.

“Listen, I wasn’t aware of what I was getting myself into. I don’t believe, in all honesty, that I was aware of what I was doing. I was only attempting to keep pace with them. I adore my kids. “I adore my kids,” she replied with an emotive tone.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the matriarch of the Wahlberg family regrettably passed away in April of 2021 at the age of 78 years old. Even before she passed away, Mark made it quite clear how much he loved and appreciated his mother.

At an interview with TODAY Magazine in October 2022, Mark reflected on the ways in which he honors his mother’s memory in the present day, particularly during times when he finds himself missing her. Continue reading to find out how Mark and his mother managed to maintain a strong connection despite the fact that they lived hundreds of miles away when she was still alive.

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The passing of Alma left her family in disbelief. Donnie Wahlberg, the creator of New Kids on the Block and Mark Wahlberg’s brother, paid homage to his mother in a video by reading a touching letter that he wrote.

He added, “I’m so thankful to have been born into this world by, raised by, taught by, and placed on the course of my life by such an incredible lady.” “I’m so lucky to have been brought into this world by, reared by, taught by, and set on the route of my life by such an incredible woman “There is no question in my mind that the guy that I am today owes a great deal of his character to the enthusiasm for life, love, and other people that was instilled in me by my mother Alma, along with her pride in her modest origins and her inability to forget where she came from.”

Mark received the news that his mother had passed away in 2021, while he was working on the set of “Father Stu,” according to Extra. Mark, who was born in 1971, is the ninth and youngest kid in his family.

“She was a remarkable individual… She taught us all through all of the challenges that we faced and continue to encounter… “She was really happy that we turned our lives around,” Mark recounted to the outlet of his mother’s departure. “She was very proud that we turned our lives around.”

The well-rounded matriarch said in 2018 during an interview with Sheinelle Jones on TODAY’s “Through Mom’s Eyes” that when it came to motherhood, she was simply following her maternal instincts and gut when it came to making decisions for her children.

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“I was just doing what I felt like I had to do,” she acknowledged, “I was just doing what I felt like I had to do.” “There were moments when it became very wild because there were nine of them all trying various things, and I didn’t know what was the correct thing to do or what was the wrong thing. I saw that as kids got older, they were more polite and kind to one another.”

It is clear that Alma showered her children with an abundance of love and care, which they evidently carry with them to this day.

Mark made a surprise visit to TODAY’s third hour on a Monday in October 2022 to talk to Jones about the boundless love he has for his mother. Jones was the same host who had spoken with Mark’s mother in 2018 for the segment “Through Mom’s Eyes.”

“She left an impression on everyone she came in contact with, he said with affection.

Mark disclosed to Extra that even after her mother passed away, he and the rest of his family had attempted to cling to the happy memories they had of her: “It was difficult. She was really ill, so I went back home to see her and say my goodbyes. Continuously using FaceTiming… We were aware that it was an inevitability… I simply tried to keep going and have a good attitude as much as I could.

Jones, who recounted her very moving and illuminating conversation with Alma, also talked out about the insights she gained from her own beneficial visit with the Wahlberg matriarch in 2018:

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“Jones shared with Mark his opinion that “she exemplified the term matriarch in its purest form.” She continually went on and on about how you would contact her on a daily basis. And each time she would plead, “Please call your mother because I just can’t understand what she’s saying.

Mark considers his mother to be an incredible role model, not just for him and his brothers but also for other people. The actor from “The Departed” was taken aback when he recalled a crucial routine he had with his mother, and it turned out that he is now reliving his memories with his mother.

“You completely took me by surprise when you pulled that one out, and now I’m going to go watch that interview just so I can see her expression. He said, “I mean, all I have now is the tapes and the voicemails that she left me, and I listen to them quite a bit.”

In a different section of the same interview, Mark offered some sound counsel to young people whose parents are still living.

“I remind them to contact them every day, tell them how much you love them, and be there and connect with them as much as possible,” I say. “Be there and be there for them as much as you can.”

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