By selling a £13,000 engagement ring on Facebook “for obvious reasons,” a woman starts a fight.

People have different opinions about a woman who put a £13,500 engagement ring on Facebook Marketplace after she called off the wedding. The woman from Australia said that her boyfriend gave her the one-carat diamond ring from Tiffany, but that it had to be sold for “obvious reasons.”

She put the expensive ring on the market for £10,000. This was a big discount, since she had only worn it for a short time. But even though she saved money, some people in the comments said she should give the ring back to her ex-boyfriend.

The woman posted on Facebook: “Selling this is a no-brainer. I do, now I don’t.

“Compared to Tiffany, where a 1.0-carat ring costs $23,600, I’m selling this beautiful one for $18,500. It looks almost brand new because it hasn’t been worn much.

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t buy it, so I don’t have a receipt. Use only bank transfers.”

After posting the ad online, the woman quickly got a lot of feedback. Some people said she should give the ring back, and one even said there might be legal issues.

One user said, “If he paid for it, it’s his, and he should get all the money.”

And someone else said, “Legally, you can’t sell this, and you’d have to give it back if the marriage didn’t happen.”

But some people said that the woman had every right to sell the ring.

One person said, “That’s not true. It’s hers because it was a gift.”

Then a fourth person spoke up: “You did the right thing to keep it. It is absolutely lovely.”

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But other users were worried that the sale might be a scam because the ring didn’t come with a receipt or a certificate that said it was real.

A bride whose would-be husband didn’t show up to her wedding and who spent the day alone said she still had hope after getting a call at 2am telling her he had left.

Kayley Stead, who was 27, had a wedding party even though her partner of four years, Kallum Norton, who was 24, didn’t show up.

Kayley celebrated on September 15 at the Oxwich Bay Hotel in Gower, Swansea, Wales, with her family and friends by her side, even though she must have been in a lot of pain.

She had help from her wedding party and family, and she made her entrance, ate, gave speeches, danced, and even posed for professional photos at her wedding without the groom.

Now, she has told a story about the time her mom called her at 2 a.m. to tell her that Kallum had gone missing. She said that she still had hope.

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