California Grandpa of 10 Gets $1 Million Reward After He Sold A Record $2 Billion Lottery Ticket

A hard-working grandpa got the surprise of a lifetime thanks to a Powerball ticket. He was rewarded with $1 million because the winning lottery ticket was sold at his gas station—however, the generous older man planned on sharing his winnings.

Joe Chahayed and his family moved to America in the 1980s with $14,000 to their name. The proud father and grandfather worked hard to make a living and support his loved ones.

He had no idea that in 2022 his life would change forever. Fate granted him an unexpected reward, and he was undoubtedly a worthy recipient.

A Devoted and Hard-Working Man

Joe described himself as an “honest man,” working seven days a week to be the provider in his household. The 75-year-old bought a house and put his kids through college through sheer determination.

The devoted man also purchased a business in Altadena, California, and was a well-loved figure in the community. People from all walks of life stopped by Joe’s Service Center, many buying lottery tickets.

The Unexpected Reward

On November 8, 2022, one lucky customer won a record-breaking jackpot after getting all six Powerball numbers correctly. While the winner’s identity remains unknown, the instant billionaire won an astounding $2.04-billion! According to the California Lottery, the customer had a 1 in 292 million chance of winning the jackpot.

Meanwhile, Joe was stunned that the winner was someone who had bought a ticket in his store. He was also thrilled because it resulted in a $1 million reward for him.

The kind man plans on donating part of the money to his community. He wants to pay it forward as he always looks out for those in his neighborhood. Many customers even call him “Papa Joe” because he treats them like family.

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Joe, who gets up every day at 5 a.m. to serve his community, couldn’t believe his luck. He was excited and happy, smiling in his bright yellow Powerball shirt.

The store owner isn’t only hardworking—he is generous. He values family above everything and vows to use his reward to assist them. Joe’s son is welcoming a baby in two months, and Joe can’t wait to have a celebration party.

Paying It Forward

The man plans on donating part of the money to his community. He wants to pay it forward as he always looks out for those in his neighborhood. Many customers even call him “Papa Joe” because he treats them like family. Thus, Joe hopes someone local bought the winning ticket, noting:

“[It is a] very poor neighborhood. From the bottom of my heart, I hoped somebody would win. They deserve it. The poor people deserve it.”

Joe Deserved It

The man’s proud son, Danny Chahayed, was excited about the bonus and stated that no one was more deserving than Joe. He expressed:

“There’s no one else who deserves it more than this man. He’s worked hard his whole life. He deserves every bit of it.”

Store owner Joe Chahayed. | Source: Angeles Times

The Online Response

Netizens congratulated the caring man and wished him well as he enjoys the unexpected reward. Other users noted they knew the money would go to good use:

“Lovely that the ticket seller gets something as well. Congratulations to the winner.”

– (Elizabeth Attard) November 10, 2022

“Exciting to hear he won a [million]. I read somewhere he has 11 grandkids. I’m sure the [money] will go to good use!!”

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– (Jenny Somma) November 9, 2022


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“Something to make my year! So happy for you sir.”

– (Sheyla G Hershey) November 9, 2022

“So happy to see this money going to people who truly deserve it. Bless you.”

– (Sharina Singh) November 9, 2022

“The only time I don’t mind not winning. Seeing someone who actually needs it win it (and benefit from it). Congratulations, sir.”

– (Brenda Taylor) November 9, 2022

Joe lives a life of dedication and commitment. His choice to work hard and look after the people around him paid off and reminds us that going the extra mile is always rewarded. Well done and enjoy, kind man!

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