Christina Haack and Ant Anstead still argue about their son…

With her second marriage to Ant Anstead, Christina Haack endeared herself to the world. After two years, the seemingly perfect match turned out to be disastrous. Their miraculous kid, whom she conceived when all hope had been gone, has caused conflict after a divorce.

When she and her ex-husband Tarek El Moussa appeared on the television show “Flip or Flop,” actress Christina Haack earned the hearts of many home flippers.

Sadly, the couple broke up, but a fresh love tale began when the real estate investor dated Ant Anstead, an English TV host, in 2017.

Anstead, who self-identifies as a car designer and builder, met his love interest soon after divorcing his ex-wife Louise.

Anstead and Haack had a connection right away. They were so certain of their love and their timing for finding each other that they exchanged their vows twice. The British-born said, “We saved each other.”

To keep their joy private, they decided on a small wedding ceremony. They hosted a “winter wonderland” themed wedding reception in their Newport Beach, California home for 70 close friends and family members.

Haack said that she would be altering her last name after being ecstatic to once more be a Mrs. Added her:

“Jennifer Anstead We are overjoyed beyond words!”

From the beginning, the couple considered their two children—Taylor and Brayden from Haack’s previous marriage and Amelie and Archie from Anstead—into the decision-making process.

Anstead added that they made their children a primary priority because they are all a part of the group while they were at their wedding. Thankfully, the children bonded easily, creating a completely harmonious family.

The real estate investor previously had a charming romance with Moussa, whom she married in 2009, and they had a lovely family despite the health issues that afflicted them. Before finding happiness with Anstead.

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The couple started trying for a second child a few years after welcoming their first child, Taylor. When Moussa was given the thyroid cancer diagnosis in 2013, the couple pursued sperm banking and IVF at the same time that Moussa was having treatment.

Unfortunately, their first two IVF attempts failed since one resulted in a miscarriage (Haack had been diagnosed with PCOS). Haack made the decision to switch doctors and her daily schedule in order to keep the baby.

Haack was able to preserve her pregnancy by a stringent regimen of stress-free living for months, and the couple delivered their first son in 2015. However, after the birth of their child, their marriage started to fall apart.

Moussa gave a refreshingly candid account of his failed marriage, revealing that it all began when he was dealing with physical health issues, such as thyroid, testicular, and back problems.

Not only that, though. The “Flip or Flop” actor said that before their enterprises and the cameras were a hindrance, they were undetachable.

Sadly, the pair was unable to endure the storm without suffering consequences for their marriage. In the end, their nearly ten-year relationship was written into history.

After returning from her honeymoon in Bora Bora with Anstead, Haack felt ill. Due to her health difficulties, she ruled out the possibility of pregnancy, but she still wanted to be certain, so she took a test. When the outcome came, she remarked:

I simply believed I couldn’t conceive any longer.

It was soon made official that the blended family will be welcoming a boy who was dubbed a “miracle baby.” Haack, though, struggled to contain his excitement.

Haack has already resisted the laws of science. She was diagnosed with the disease that caused her ovaries to produce an excess of androgen in 2009, necessitating hormone therapy in order to conceive.

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The next year, she became pregnant for the first time, and Brayden was born in 2015. Her third child’s birth was so unexpected, which added to its intrigue.

It turned out that Haack’s marriage was short, despite the fact that many people believed it to be a happily-ever-after love story with a model blended family. The TV host and Anstead reverted to singlehood in 2021 following their divorce.

The mother of three filed for divorce nearly two years after saying “I do.” According to court documents, they would share physical and legal custody of their toddler son, Hudson London Anstead.

Additionally, it was said that neither side would offer any fortune. The ex-couples, however, have kept their court case terms and agreements under wraps.

What is still evident is that their divorce was not brought on by adultery or any other issues that plague Hollywood-style marriages. Instead, according to reports, they grew apart.

The former pair has since gone on with new partners, demonstrating that they still believe in love. Haack decided to date realtor Josh Hall, and a year later, she said “I do” to officially end their relationship.

Anstead, on the other hand, is not doing too badly because he is presently seeing Renee Zellweger, 53.

The couple is not in a rush to call themselves married, though. They have been dating for some time and are becoming increasingly adamant about their love for one another.

Fans were surprised when Anstead filed a lawsuit for temporary sole custody of their son, resulting in an in-and-out-of-court event, given how private the former couple was about the conditions of their split.

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The automobile builder recently requested custody of their 2-year-old child from the court, citing Haack’s prolonged absence from Hudson’s life.

Anstead claimed that, using their son as a pawn, his ex-wife had turned to attacking him on social media. But that wasn’t all; he also detailed the mother-of-neglectful three’s behavior toward Hudson.

He talked about how the toddler spent time with his mother and came back with a bad sunburn, and how unapologetic she was when challenged about it.

The British-born man further claimed that his ex-partner endangered themselves and their child when she returned with Hudson without disclosing that her family had a coronavirus infection.

In addition, Anstead emphasized her irresponsible behavior, describing how she once drove Hudson in a golf cart without fastening a seat belt.

Anstead urged with the judge to enjoin Haack from advertising Hudson for her professional gain even though he believed her to be a dangerous parent.

After the claims, Haack was upset. She argued that if their son was the cause, Anstead could have chosen a private judge to hear the case. She also claimed that he filed the action to resent her.

She denied certain charges, but admitted the coronavirus allegations and added that she was the only one who had been exposed. Haack claimed to be symptom-free but made the decision to send their son back. I have had my share of ups and downs, but I am a good mom, she concluded.

Long before these charges, the pair vowed to maintain their amicable co-parenting relationship and prioritize their son throughout his development. But sadly, even as a small child, Hudson already has to travel far to see them.

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