Dad makes fun of his daughter by imitating her photos…

Particularly when they have a daughter they adore, fathers can be the funniest members of the family. We have heard people refer to some ladies as “Daddy’s girls” over the years. The link between a father and daughter is unshakable and will always exist.

After winning a national modeling contest, a female high school student from Arizona, USA, got to go to Las Vegas, Nevada, for a picture session. Kendel Divarco’s wish to possess a photo collection from her modeling career has been realized. Kendel did not anticipate that her parents would be staying at the same hotel where she was having her photo shoot. They remained in the same hotel because of opportunities related to their jobs. She laughed so hard at her father’s surprise that she started crying.

When her father learned that his daughter was having a photo session in the hotel where they were staying, he surprised her by imitating the positions she had done for the pictures. He snapped images at nearly all the same locations, reproduced all of the poses in eight of her photos that he found. He used the same body stances and facial gestures throughout. He was decent.

Look at that pouty lip!

“Actually, I’m not all that surprised because my parents, particularly my Dad, sometimes act in such a bizarre manner. My dad seems to be performing better than me, though, which is a little unsettling,” Kendel quips, feeling proud and impressed.”

“Actually,” Kendel said, “My mother assisted my father in taking images.” The family did not miss the chance to take a family portrait while they were still in Las Vegas when they eventually came together.”

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Kendel must feel quite fortunate to have such amusing parents. They have helped her develop her modeling profession as well. Internet users have been sharing pictures of Kendel’s modeling gig and his father’s intriguing parody modeling images.

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