Dad Wakes From Coma to Discover Artistic Skills he Never Had Before․․․ See Who Is He Now…

After waking up from a coma and realizing he had artistic talents he had never seen before, a young father’s recovery has doctors scratching their heads.

The young father is now a professional carpenter and model builder, which has physicians completely perplexed.

In 2004, Moe Hunter was diagnosed with a rare form of bacterial meningitis and tuberculosis in his brain, both of which put him in a critical condition and struggling for his life.

After being in a coma for over a month, physicians at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham performed a surgery that saved his life by placing a shunt to drain fluid from his head.

This allowed him to wake up.

Before he received his diagnosis, Moe lacked any artistic skill and had no interest in hobbies related to the arts.

He regained consciousness following brain surgery and made a significantly speedier recovery than anyone had anticipated: “My doctor claimed that I was a walking miracle.”

Not only that, but his exhibition of originality quickly had his family, friends, and coworkers scratching their heads in bewilderment.

The 38-year-old man, who had been described as “being terrible” at art in school, all of a sudden possessed an unexplainable knack for drawing, painting, and model building.

“In the past, I lacked any kind of creative ability at all. My interests lay more in activities such as going outside, playing football, and playing video games.

“When I look at all of my stuff right now, I think to myself, ‘There is no way in hell that I could ever do this stuff.’” I am completely unable to explain what took place.

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“When I spoke to the neurologist, he simply told me to ‘enjoy it,’ and he said there’s so much about the brain that they still can’t decipher, and that this is simply a phenomenon.

“No one has actually offered a plausible medical justification for it. I’ve heard that comas can cause some pretty wild changes in a person’s brain.

They added that there have been many anecdotes and hypotheses developed over the years regarding persons who have awakened from comas with skills, including the ability to speak various languages.

After that, the first thing he drew was a sketch of a character from the video game Legend of Zelda. As soon as she saw it, his mother said, “When did you learn how to draw?”

“It was insanity, and ever since then, I haven’t stopped. I recently discovered that I had this enthusiasm that has never been there in me before.

He utilized his newly acquired abilities to launch a career as a self-employed carpenter, and he started off by constructing complex model copies of his favorite film idols and superheroes.

Since then, the happily married father of one has made sales of his artwork and shown his masterpieces at Comic-Con conventions all around the United Kingdom.

His house in Hereford, England, is currently filled with his paintings, sketches, and various scale models of characters from the Star Wars franchise, ranging from a Chewbacca doll to an R2-D2 that is life size. Following that will be a Pod racer from the first episode.

“I just feel like an extremely lucky person.”

“After I was given a second chance at life and discovered a new ability, I decided that I wanted to make the most of these opportunities, so I went into business for myself as a carpenter and started manufacturing toy boxes.

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It was good to be able to accomplish something I hadn’t been able to do in the past. It was very enjoyable to me.

“I’ve had the opportunity to interact with a number of the actors from Star Wars, and the individual who was responsible for the creation of Darth Vader’s helmet approached me. It’s been a stroke of good luck that this new skill has brought me where it has.

“I’ve written my own comic story as well, which means that it has stretched to creative writing, which is something I never would have touched before.

In addition to that, I’m currently working on a script,” Mr. Hunter said.

“My neurologist advised me to do this, and I’m just trying to take it all in and enjoy myself,” I said.

“Some members of my family still can’t believe it, and they are in total disbelief over it even to this day.

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