Daughter records her father singing “Tennessee Whiskey,” and everyone is enamored with his buttery voice…

That voice has the potential to melt your heart.

Tennessee Whiskey is a well-known song that has been around for a while.
It’s a George Jones original that Chris Stapleton just covered.

Thanks to an amazing cover performed by a Texas dad, the song has started circulating online once more.
The best cover of the song to date may very well be Kris Jones’ rendition of the old country tune.

We can’t stop bopping to Dad’s timeless rendition of “Tennessee Whiskey.”

And isn’t it sweet that his daughter was the one who took pictures of the truck concert? She was lip-syncing the entire time, which is very cute.

It’s obvious that she loves her dad dearly! She too has a valid cause to be. Since this video was posted, Jones’ fan base has significantly increased.
His voice is beloved by everyone!

Ellen DeGeneres is a fan as well!
After the video—originally meant for Dayla and her friends—surpassed one million views, Jones and his daughter Dayla made an appearance on “The Ellen Show.” Jones revealed that although he had always wanted to be a singer, life had interfered with his plans.

Jones now has opportunity to pursue his aspirations, which is fortunate for him (and for us!).
Even so, he made it known that he intended to try out for “The Voice’s” following season.

Kris Jones has started to focus more on a solo music career since his cover of Tennessee Whiskey became viral on the Internet.

Jones has uploaded a couple more fantastic covers on his YouTube channel after amassing millions of fans online and making appearances on various important daytime television programs.

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This Ben E. King classic is beautifully performed by Jones.

To listen to him perform “Stand By Me”, click the video link below.

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