David Beckham Could Become Grandpa Soon — Wife Victoria Shed Tears Seeing Family Reunited

2020 was a difficult year for everyone, but for the Beckhams, there was cause for celebration as their eldest son made a monumental life decision when he proposed to his girlfriend of a few years.

David and Victoria Beckham have raised a beautiful family, and the couple has welcomed their son’s wife into their family. However, the family was not always united in their love for their son’s new wife.

In July 2020, Brooklyn Beckham posted a photo of himself and his then-fianceé on his Instagram page, announcing their engagement. In the photo, Brooklyn and Nicola are seen embracing one another. He said:

“I promise to be the best husband and the best daddy one day.”

They married in April 2022, but their wedding was not an occassion that went off without a hitch. It was a black-tie wedding at Nicola’s family estate. The celebrations started on a Friday and ended after they said their “I dos.”

The wedding consisted of a traditional Jewish ceremony where Nicola’s grandmother served as her maid of honor. Both of the couple’s families were present, and David made a speech at their wedding in which he spoke about Brooklyn and his family.

David and Victoria were excited about their son’s wedding, and Victoria took to Instagram to share her excitement with the world. She posted photos of her family and mentioned they had an exciting weekend ahead of them.

Why Did Victoria Not Hold Back Emotions When She Saw Her Family Together?

Victoria and Brooklyn were extremely close when the young man was growing up. Being the eldest of the Beckham children, Brooklyn was close to his mother because his father traveled for his career so much.

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However, she has recently had a fallout with her daughter-in-law, which has strained her relationship with Brooklyn. She has opened up about how the falling out has affected her.

The fallout began when Nicola refused to wear a dress designed by Victoria. It was also revealed that the couple’s first dance song was used for Brooklyn and Victoria’s mother-son dance.

Following these incidents, Victoria did not invite her son’s new bride to her fashion show during Paris Fashion Week. Talking about how it affected Victoria, a source close to her said:

“She has always been so warm and welcoming to her sons’ girlfriends and absolutely adored Nicola from day one. But things got tricky, and it is upsetting for her; she is heartbroken.”

Victoria is said to love spending time with her children and loves to have all her family together, so not having Nicola and Brooklyn around when the family gathers is difficult for the “Spice Girls” alum.

However, at her fashion show at Paris Fashion Week, Nicola sat in the audience, and as Victoria walked down the runway at the end of the show and saw her daughter-in-law sitting there, she welled up and ran over to hug her husband.

Victoria marked the occasion on Instagram by sharing photos of herself walking down the runway and shared how grateful she was and how emotional she was. She then thanked Paris and said she loved the country.

Talking to Drew Barrymore about why she became emotional at the show in Paris, Victoria explained that she had planned on getting a great picture walking down the runway, but seeing her family there supporting her meant everything to her and made her emotional.

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Will David and Victoria Be Grandparents Soon?

Brooklyn has recently opened up about what married life has been like for him and Nicola. He said that although Nicola’s parents lived in Florida and his parents lived in the UK, he and Nicola had built their life in LA.

He also shared that their date nights can include anything from spending the evening together in their home to going out for sushi, which is their favorite meal to share. However, the eldest Beckham son said he also enjoys cooking pasta for his wife.

Talking about his plans to start his own family, Brooklyn shared that he was more than ready to have children. He joked:

“I could have had kids yesterday. Obviously, that’s my wife’s body, but I’ve always wanted to have a bunch of kids around.”

Brooklyn shared that his father had him when he was 23, the age that Brooklyn is now, and he wants to be a young dad. He also said that his father inspired him to want to have children because he was a great father to Brooklyn and his siblings.