Days after her birthday, a 100-year-old woman completes a 5K road race in an effort to convey happiness and positivism…

It might be time to reconsider your mental image of what life would be like at 100 years old if you’ve ever had one.

That is, if you resemble Mick Roberts, a Connecticut centenarian, in any way.
According to reports, Roberts recently took part in and finished the 5K Haddam Neck Fair Road Race, garnering the interest of the entire state in the process.

Mick allegedly participated in the event just a few days after reaching the milestone age of 100. She astonishingly finished the 3.1-mile distance in 56 minutes.

She told Fox61 News, “You’ve got to move a little, here we come.”

She continued, “Yeah, I move right along.

Mick stated she has a regular schedule of brisk walking. Forget kicking back and spending the day in front of the TV.

She actually frequently leaves people in her wake, including her son Chuck and daughter-in-law Donna Roberts.

Donna said, “She’s leading the way here. She will lead us, and we will simply follow. That is all there is to say.

She walks two to three miles every day, so Chuck said, “Running a 5K isn’t that big of a thing.”

Mick agreed, saying that despite her senior age, a 5K route wasn’t too difficult for her to handle.

No, it’s not difficult; there’s just one tricky part, remarked Mick.

It certainly raises the standard, so when my children say, “Oh no, we don’t want to do the Manchester Road Race this year,” they should remember that my late grandmother ran the 5K.

Mick stated that she prefers to leave the house two to three times every day when asked about her daily schedule.

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“I perform it two or three times daily; it doesn’t require much time. I don’t enjoy sitting around, I just like to get out in the air and move,” the 100-year-old said.

Given the difficulties this inspiring woman has had to face, her tenacity and willpower are not surprising. Mick has survived to have two of her three sons and her husband pass away.

These days, she works to spread love and positivity to others in order to make them happy.

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