Deaf Girl Can’t Speak To Santa So He Uses Sign Language To Ask What Gift She Wants For Xmas

Deaf Girl Can’t Speak To Santa So He Uses Sign Language To Ask What Gift She Wants For Xmas

Every single person is a blessing. We’ve all been put on earth to live our best life and to hopefully do as best as we can in the short amount of time that we have. Which is why, when a person does a kind act or helps another, it should be recognized, admired, and praised.

Today, you’re going to learn of a magical story about a little girl who is hard of hearing and thus does not speak very well. In fact, at the time of this beautiful moment, she was in the process of learning sign language.

It was around Christmas time, on December 6, 2015, and the girl’s parents decided to let her see Father Christmas. She badly wanted to see the jolly man in the red suit, but when she came face-to-face with St. Nicholas, she was unable to talk. At first, Santa thought that the girl was simply ignoring him, but soon he learned that she was hard of hearing. And with that, the happy man began to use sign language with the young girl.

With much love and warmth, he asked her what she’d like to receive for Christmas. The young girl, with absolute passion and excitement in her eyes, answered him with her hands and the two had a magical and heartwarming interaction. After about 15 seconds, Santa learned that she would love a scooter for Christmas!It is a beautiful sight to behold.

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This small interaction made a lasting impression on the young girl and her parents, and has warmed the hearts of so many people worldwide! Give the video below a watch, and if you’ve loved it as much as we have, be sure to like and share it with your nearest and dearest.