Did you know what the red Christmas light is actually meant for? See the reason.

As Christmas Day gets closer, some people may be taking their trees out of the attic and setting them up in the living room. Others, on the other hand, might have had theirs up for weeks.

When you were rushing around looking for decorations and lights, you probably found a small red light bulb and had no idea what it was for.

Many people have said that they think the small red light is an extra or replacement bulb. But a woman has told how the red light should be used and how it changes the game for holiday decorations.

A woman showed the little-known use of the small light on TikTok, and the number of people who have watched her video has gone through the roof.

Since she posted her video to the popular video-streaming service, it has been seen by more than 19.2 million people.

The woman showed how she used the light the way it was meant to be used. You start by taking out a single bulb and putting the red one in its place.

In her demonstration, the TikToker said, “Remove the regular bulb and replace it.”

The extra light is a different color than the others, and it also makes the string of lights flicker instead of using a remote control.

“I was today’s age when I found out what these are for,” the woman said.

People shared their surprise in the comments by the thousands, and some of them said they thought it was for something else entirely.

“I thought they were spares,” said one person.

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A second added: “What?????????? I thought they were substitutes.”

A third user was shocked and wrote, “I swear to god, I’ve learned more from this app in the last year than I have in my whole life.”

In the meantime, another user wrote: “Man, they could have just written that on the box. So many years went by when I didn’t know this.”

“NGL It makes me feel bad that I didn’t know this,” said a fifth.

Other people, on the other hand, said they knew about the little-known use for decades.

One person said, “As a child of the ’90s, I thought everyone knew this: we didn’t always have lights with remote controls!”

A second person agreed: “I used to put up the Christmas lights at my parents’ house, so I didn’t know this wasn’t common knowledge.”

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