Don Diamont has reached the age of 60; he is a devoted husband and father of seven sons, in addition to the son that he raised when his sister passed away…

Today marks the 60th birthday of Don Diamont, a TV actor best known for his roles as Brad Carlton on “The Young and the Restless” and Bill Spencer Jr. on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Diamont has been married a total of two times and is a father to seven children.

Diamont and his now-ex-wife, Rachel Braun, became parents to four kids while he was working as a star on “The Young and the Restless.” The couple tied the knot in 1994 and were together until 2002, during which time they had four children: Alexander, Sasha, Lauren, and Luca.

After his departure from the daytime drama, Don had a guest appearance in the 2009 season of “The Bold and the Beautiful.” During the run of the performance, he tied the knot with actress Cindy Ambuehl at the Chateau de la Chevre d’ in Enze, which is located in France.

In January 2003, he and his wife became parents for the first time when they welcomed twin boys named Anton and Davis. Following his sister Bette’s departure, Don also took responsibility for parenting his nephew Drew Mazur on his own. He has come to think of his nephew in the same way he does his own kid.

On the occasion of Father’s Day in June 2016, the man who was born and raised in New York posted an Instagram picture of his seven adult children, all of whom were beaming broadly. He tagged his photo with the phrase “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!! ”

The image of the family looked to have been shot at the shore, as the children stood in unison with their father, who had one arm wrapped around two of them and was holding the other kid in the other arm.

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Diamont has openly discussed his desire to become a parent throughout his autobiography, which is titled “My Seven Sons and How We Raised Each Other.” Diamont has had this dream since he was a child. In June 2018, the soap actor also addressed the topic of family loss when he unexpectedly lost both his father and his elder brother. He expressed profound pain because of the losses of both of his family members.

Diamont said that he had anticipated that they would live for a sufficiently long time “to get acquainted with my wife, my children, and for the purpose of exchanging experiences. That was over in what seemed like the span of a single eyeblink. Those wounds have not healed.”

The man who already had seven children spoke about his need to expand his family and said that he yearned to become a father to a son more than anything else since something important in his life had been taken away:

“I yearned for a family. In the book, I admit that one of my goals was to establish a family with boys. I wanted to regain what had been taken away from me. I wanted to produce an identical version.”

Because of this, he is the “proud” parent of just two biological boys, Alexander and Luca, whom he shares with his partner Braun. After thereafter, Diamont said that he had been “rewarded” more than once with more male offspring, despite the fact that these children were not biologically his.

In addition, Braun is a father to two more boys named Lauren and Sasha, both of whom are Diamont’s stepchildren. However, Braun refers to Lauren and Sasha as his own sons. Diamont said that once he and Braun broke up, he made it his mission to ensure that Sasha and Lauren knew that he would continue to play an important role in their lives, despite the fact that he was no longer together with their mother:

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“They can count on me to be there for them at all times. I am present, and I fully intend to remain so.”

In addition, in June of 2016, the Hollywood actor shared a photo collage on social media in which he, his boys, his wife Ambuehl, and their baby child were included.

As Diamont wished the kid a happy birthday, the youngster may be Diamont’s first grandchild; nonetheless, he has not yet established beyond a reasonable doubt that the child is his grandson.

The manner in which Diamont opted to bring up his children, namely by instilling in them an appreciation for the simple things in life, leads him to believe that he is a typical parent. The children spent their formative years in Santa Monica, California:

“I’m just another father,” he said.

Diamont noted that he and his spouse have a tendency to spend much of their time off from work indoors, which allows them to focus more attention on their children:

“My wife and I are the definition of homebodies. Working throughout the day has enabled me to live a relatively regular existence, one that is more or less structured around the hours of 9 to 5.”

In spite of the widespread acclaim he has received for his acting work, the famous TV personality has said that it is all for nothing if he does not have the unwavering love and encouragement of his family and friends. A previous statement made by Diamont described his family as being his “biggest delight.”

On December 17, 2022, he stated that he had taken his wife Ambuehl to “B&B’s” “HOLIDAY PARTY,” demonstrating that he makes it a point to engage them in the activities that take place at work. On his Instagram account, he uploaded images from the event, some of which included his wife as well as members of the cast of the drama series.

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On September 29, 2022, Diamont shared a photo to his Instagram account that included six of his kids and stated that he had no idea that they were all twins “National Son’s Day has been going on till… NOW. Love our boys!!” It was also stated that Diamont was writing on a new book on parenthood, although the book’s title has not yet been decided.

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