Don Lemon is holding out hope that T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach will return to ‘GMA3’ following their dismissal for alleged affair-related misconduct… Read more here…

Don Lemon is looking forward to the return of his former colleague T.J. Holmes to the airwaves in the near future.

In the wake of his relationship with GMA3 co-anchor Amy Robach being brought to light in the tabloids, Holmes was suspended by ABC News, and the host of CNN expressed their opinion on the matter. Both Holmes and Robach have been divorced from their respective partners since the month of August, although it is unknown when the two began having romantic feelings for one another.

Lemon stated on Tuesday’s episode of Entertainment Tonight, “I’ll say this, I know T.J., and I worked with T.J. at CNN. Therefore, I have nothing but affection for him, and I hope that he’s okay.” “I don’t know about their condition, I’m not privy enough, but I just like to show them love and support, and I hope that they’re OK, and I hope that they continue to prosper,” you say. “I’m not privy enough.”

Holmes, who worked for CNN as an anchor and correspondent from 2006 until 2011, and Robach, who were both removed from their on-air responsibilities on Monday, will reportedly return to their respective positions, according to Lemon.

“I certainly hope so,” they continued. “And I hope that I can meet them in person again soon so that I can give ’em a hug,” she said. “And I hope that you can too.”

The relationship between the co-hosts of GMA3 was brought to light by the Daily Mail a week ago. They proceeded to host their show on Friday, which made for uncomfortable television; but, on Monday, ABC News President Kim Godwin removed them from their roles as hosts. Godwin stated that although their sexual connection was consensual, it “is not a breach of business policy,” but it is still a distraction. The organization’s future is being “worked out” by the network in an effort to determine what’s best for it.

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Monday’s edition of GMA3 was co-anchored by Gio Benitez and Stephanie Ramos, who breezed right by the absence of their other coworkers.

Robach and Andrew Shue, who starred in Melrose Place, are no longer together, while Holmes and Marilee Fiebig are no longer together. A spokesperson for Holmes and Robach stated the following last week: “They had been close friends for a number of years, but this romantic relationship didn’t begin until recently after each of them divorced their respective spouses in August. Although they had known each other for a number of years, they hadn’t been romantically involved Because they wanted to wait until both of them were divorced, they had not notified anyone, not even their coworkers at ABC.”

Due to the fact that this story has been all over the press, there has been no shortage of rumors. Additionally, there have been unsubstantiated accusations that Holmes has been involved with other ABC News coworkers.

Even though Holmes and Robach’s status on GMA3 has not yet been decided, a former official from Good Morning America told Fox News that they will not be returning to the show in the near future.

“The broken marriages and the cheating, including reports that T.J. had another affair with a different GMA colleague,” the unnamed source said to the outlet, “is unseemly and embarrassing and a gross violation of core Disney values.” “Both Good Morning America and Disney are examples of successful family businesses. These two won’t be back any time soon.”

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