Donny Osmond is “in love” with being a grandpa to his 12 grandchildren, and he tears up when his long-expected grandbaby was born…

In addition to being a hitmaker and an all-around entertainer, Donny Osmond is a devoted father and grandfather who takes great joy in spending time with his large family. Osmond makes time for his family within the confines of his hectic schedule, even while performing his residency shows in Las Vegas.

Don, Jeremy, Brandon, Christopher, and Joshua are Osmond’s sons, and all five of them are now adults with families of their own. Osmond is a father to five sons.

Osmond is the proud grandparent of twelve grandchildren; his eldest son Don and his wife, Jessica, have a family of four children. Jeremy and his partner Melisa have been blessed with three children, Brandon, and his partner Shelby have been blessed with four sons, and Christopher and his wife Alta have been blessed with one child.

According to Closer Weekly, Osmond’s youngest son, Joshua, wed the woman he loved, Summer, in June 2020. Although the pair have expressed interest in having children, they have stated that they are likely to wait a few years before doing so.

According to Closer Weekly, the musician became a grandfather for the first time in 2005 when his son Jeremy and his wife Melisa gave birth to their first child, a son named Dylan, on August 21 of that year.

The Osmond family began expanding shortly after Jeremy gave birth to the first grandchild, and the former contestant on “Dancing with the Stars” could not have been happier about the development.

Osmond’s 62nd birthday was especially memorable because the singer performed his final bow in Las Vegas, where he had been performing continuously since beginning his residency in 2010.

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Osmond shared on Instagram nearly a decade later that it was the best birthday he’d ever had because he didn’t have to worry about performing and instead got to spend time with his wife and family. He said that this was the best birthday he’d ever had.

Osmond appeared on an episode of “The Talk” in 2012 that was devoted to fathers for the show’s father’s day special. A unique present for Father’s Day was given to him by his eldest son, Don, which took everyone by surprise.

Don broke the news to his father that he would soon become a father for the first time. He expressed his gratitude to his father for being the one to “break him into parenting” by telling him how much he liked it.

Don, however, brought the message to a close by saying, “I wasn’t the first to make you a grandfather, but Jessica and I have your sixth grandbaby.” This statement brought the recipient to tears.

Osmond reportedly began crying and explaining why this was such an emotional moment for him and his family while they were backstage, as reported by ET Online. The performer stated:

They have been trying for a very, very, very long time; I’m extremely happy for them, and I’m quite delighted for myself as well!

However, the beginning of the expansion of Don and his wife’s family was marked by the birth of their first child together. The fertility problems experienced by the couple were eventually resolved, and in the year 2020, Osmond revealed that his eldest son was expecting his fourth child.

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The former contestant on “Dancing with the Stars” announced the exciting news on Instagram, revealing that not only was this his eldest son’s fourth child, but it was also his 12th grandchild overall! Osmond has written:

“We can now officially count twelve of them! Debbie and I are overjoyed to announce the arrival of our 12th grandchild, who arrived two weeks ago. On Tuesday, December 29, 2020, Don and Jessi were blessed with the arrival of Christian, their fourth son, and we have already fallen in love with him.”

Osmond has a lot of affection for his grandkids and takes his duty as their grandfather very seriously. He regularly updates his social media accounts with photos and posts about his grandchildren’s achievements.

In spite of the fact that he has a lot on his plate, Osmond does everything he can to be there for his grandchildren, whether it be for their birthday parties, sporting events, or other special occasions.

The musician revealed to his followers on Instagram that following his performance, he caught a flight back to his hometown in time to watch his grandson compete in the football competition. Osmond, brimming with pride, declared that they had prevailed in the game and that he would soon be attending high school.

Another post made by the artist stated that he watched another one of his grandson’s basketball games before flying off to resume his residency in Las Vegas. Osmond is his grandchildren’s biggest cheerleader.

Not only are Osmond’s grandchildren skilled in a variety of sports, but Osmond’s offspring also include some very creative painters. The musician updated his followers on Twitter about another accomplishment of his grandchild.

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Osmond’s grandson had some of his artwork featured at the National Museum of History in Washington, District of Columbia, and Osmond’s pride at this moment could not have been more palpable.

For many years, Osmond had only one granddaughter, whom he adored deeply and referred to as his “little sweet princess.” On his Facebook page, the performer posted birthday greetings to his daughter and commended her for being caring and affectionate. He stated the following:

“She always makes sure that everyone has a buddy and possesses the most endearing personality imaginable. This young girl’s presence in my life is a tremendous blessing. In point of fact, I frequently refer to her as my adorable little princess.”

The announcement that Osmond’s son Christopher was going to have a daughter was posted on Osmond’s Instagram account, along with the singer’s reaction to the news.

The video showed Osmond dashing up to his daughter-in-law with open arms and shouting his granddaughter’s name, Emy because she would finally have another girl among the gang of grandsons.

The artist enjoys being a parent very much and is quite proud of his five sons, but Osmond enjoys being a grandfather even more. On the occasion of Father’s Day, he got together with two of his grandchildren to take a picture and told them that Grandpa’s Day was the most special of all the holidays.

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