Dying Single Mom Pleads with Nurse to Raise Her Only Son – Boy Feels ‘Blessed’ 8 Years Later

A woman was handed a devastating diagnosis. She was terminally ill and worried about her young son. However, everything changed after she met an angel nurse who became family.

Oncology nurse Tricia Seaman loved her job. Taking care of people was what she was made to do, and she did it well. The wife and mom of four formed bonds with many of her patients over the years.

However, she never imagined that one would become family. When Seaman’s path crossed with Tricia Somers, there was an instant connection.

The Mother Did Something Brave

Somers was diagnosed with cancer and only had months to live. Amid her anxiety and fear, Nurse Seaman made her feel better. The patient shared:

“I just felt comfort. It was almost like somebody put a warm blanket on me.”

Somers knew her son Wesley would need someone to look out for him, but she didn’t have anyone nearby. Her mother and father had passed away, and her sibling lived in another state. Her son’s father also didn’t play an active role in his life.

With limited options, the 45-year-old single mom did something brave to ensure Wesley was taken care of.

Mom Tricia Somers and her son Wesley. | Source: youtube.com/CBS Evening News

The Life-Changing Question

In March 2014, while sitting on her hospital bed at UPMC Community Osteopathic Hospital in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Somers asked Seaman a life-changing question.

“Can you take my son? Will you raise him if I die?” Somers asked her nurse. The mother blurted out the question to Seaman, a stranger she had met only three weeks before.

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The Nurse Was Hesitant

Seaman was caught off guard and didn’t know how to respond. While she was flattered by the request, she was diplomatic and told Somers to take some time to think about her options.

Seamon loved children and was a proud mother to three girls and one boy. She and her husband, Dan, were also in the process of becoming foster parents, and they thought deeply about what Somers had asked.

Seaman always reminded Wesley about his mom, and for his birthday, handed him a gift Somers had pre-planned before her passing.

She Invited Them Into Her Family

Despite their shock, the nurse and her husband agreed, knowing deep down that everything in them was saying yes. Seaman went above and beyond to meet the mother’s wishes.

The Seaman family welcomed Wesley and his mom to live with them—it was an act of unconditional love and kindness. The nurse recalled the moment:

“At one point I said, ‘I can’t be your nurse anymore. I’m your family now.’ I talked to her and said, ‘I want you to come.’ She kind of fell apart and cried. She said, ‘I’d love to.'”

Somers passed away in December 2014, knowing her son would never be alone or abandoned. For Seaman and her family, Wesley was a welcome addition, and they instantly fell in love with him.

The Youngster Was Thriving

The nurse and her husband, who became Wesley’s legal guardians after his mother’s death, made things official in July 2020 when they adopted him. In 2022, the boy turned 16 and was thriving thanks to the love he had in his life.

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Seaman always reminded Wesley about his mom and, for his birthday, handed him a gift Somers had pre-planned before her passing. It was a keychain for when he got his first car with an engraving that read: “Drive safely. Love, mom.”

Nurse Tricia Seaman and Wesley. | Source: youtube.com/CBS Evening News

He Felt Blessed

Wesley was a straight-A student and model child, and Seaman shared that being part of his journey is something she would cherish forever. Wesley was equally delighted to be part of the Seaman family. He expressed:

“I can’t even begin to describe how lucky and blessed I am. I’m grateful every day that they made the decision to take us in. They mean everything to me.”

The Online Response

The heartwarming story touched netizens, and many applauded the selfless nurse. Users also called Seaman an angel and thanked her for being a light in the world:

“Such a wonderful story. He looks like he was born into the family. Some people are just true angels on earth.”

– (Andi Casale) November 10, 2022

“This is the part of humanity that I love. Tears.”

– (Alicia Pittman Gesmondi) November 10, 2022

“God bless them always and their family and friends. A wonderful thing to do, raising the boy.”

– (Stella M Farina-Ricci) November 11, 2022

“This made me cry. What an incredible gift of pure love to Wesley and his Mother. Just an incredibly beautiful story.”

– (Susan M Winsel) November 12, 2022

Nurse Seaman and her husband followed what they believed God wanted them to do. By welcoming Wesley into their home, they provided him with a loving and stable environment that would have made his mom immensely happy.

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Somers is smiling over her beloved son now. We wish him and his family all the best for the future. May they continue to grow in strength and love.

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