Ellen Pompeo agreed to go on a date with her then friend and future husband when this happened to her in one night…

From “Grey’s Anatomy” Chris Ivery and Ellen Pompeo have been married since 2007 and have three children together.

The role of Dr. Meredith Grey has been played by American actress Ellen Pompeo on the medical drama series “Grey’s Anatomy” since 2005.

In addition to being a well-known actress, Pompeo is married and has three kids with her husband, Chris Ivery. Learn about her husband and children’s relationship and how they met.

Pompeo spoke openly about her relationship with Ivery in a 2006 People piece. When they were still dating, she revealed that they enjoyed their time together at the beach, in the great outdoors, and at home.

Ivery and Pompeo lived close to one another while growing up, but they had never met until they were friends in Los Angeles in 2003. However, after meeting, the couple did not immediately begin dating.

“After six months of friendship, she suddenly started to look different to me one night. I think we were sort of destined to be since we were both six degrees our entire lives.”

Pompeo continued, “We’ll be married later, in secret,” indicating that she and Ivery would eventually become a relationship. Given Ivery’s criminal record, Pompeo’s conviction that she would choose him as her partner was astounding. Ivery had at least 13 felonies on his record before to meeting the actress.

The crimes for which they were found guilty included forgery of official documents, drug trafficking, credit card fraud, breaking probation, and mail theft. He also spent three terms in prison, one of them in a federal facility.

Ivery, however, has since repented and told Pompeo about his criminal past before getting married to her.

Due to the fact that they both grew up in undesirable areas, Pompeo and Ivery developed a strong kinship early on in their relationship. She can therefore comprehend his old life because her mother overdosed on painkillers and died. She and Ivery could therefore communicate.

With that level of connection and understanding, the couple’s engagement was not unexpected. Ivery, who is now a record producer, asked Pompeo to marry her after breakfast at home on her 37th birthday.

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According to Pompeo’s agent, who revealed the proposal to People, Ivery astonished and delighted the actress by giving her a 3.5-carat emerald-cut diamond set in a platinum setting created by Tacori.

The pair secretly married in New York in November 2007 as Pompeo had promised. According to People, Pompeo’s father acknowledged his daughter’s marriage.

“I’m thrilled for her. She simply didn’t want anything major.”

Pompeo and Ivery were married in a quick ceremony at City Hall in Lower Manhattan, which was officiated by a city clerk, with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg present as a witness.

Pompeo discussed why she went to great lengths to keep her wedding hidden from the public in a 2017 interview with Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa. She remarked to Hello! Magazine:

“I was genuinely aching for some privacy at that time. So on Thursday night, we took a redeye flight out. We got up early on Friday morning, went to City Hall, had the wedding quickly, and then went to a waffle lunch.”

Pompeo also disclosed that she and Ivery traveled covertly to their wedding destination in order to avoid being seen. Another unusual aspect of the hidden wedding is that she reportedly wore a black Yves Saint Laurent outfit to her wedding.

Three wonderful children were born to Pompeo and Ivery, a lovely couple. When they received their daughter Stella in 2009, they experienced parenthood for the first time.

The couple welcomed Sienna, a second daughter, in 2014. Eli, their first and only son, was born in 2016.

Pompeo has done a fantastic job balancing motherhood with her demanding schedule on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Although she looks to do both with ease, she has spoken up about her difficulties as a mom.

In the past, Pompeo acknowledged that juggling a job and raising children is difficult, and she admitted that occasionally she feels guilty about leaving her children to go to work.

Despite the difficulties of being a working mother, Pompeo emphasized her thanks for her employment, which enables her to afford assistance, as many working mothers find it difficult to manage. She also thanked Ivery for sticking at her side the entire time.

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There are benefits to being an actress’s renowned husband. However, there are risks associated with it, such as seeing her in love situations in movies or TV shows.

Ivery has dealt with it throughout his marriage to Pompeo, who has appeared in multiple passionate moments while portraying Dr. Meredith Grey.

One can only speculate as to how the music executive feels about the passionate moments his wife was in. Over the course of an interview, Pompeo clarified this.

Pompeo and her former co-star and TV spouse, Patrick Dempsey, had fantastic chemistry together. Their compatibility made their romantic scenes more convincing, and Ivery developed resentment when they shared passionate kisses. The actor disclosed:

“The unfortunate man had no idea what he was entering. I recall how difficult it was for him at first. This is not what I signed up for, he exclaimed.”

Pompeo went on to describe her husband’s response, stating: “This is not what I signed up for, he said. You make out with that and then go to work. I think Patrick is a lovely guy, and I like him, but really?”

There are difficulties in every relationship, and Ivery and Pompeo have faced plenty of criticism. For instance, Ivery was charged for assaulting a younger girl at a 2012 “Guns N’ Roses” event in New York City.

Ivery did not behave like a married man at the event, according to a source who spoke to HollywoodLife, and instead kept vying for the attention of a 26-year-old woman.

Ivery was very persistent, according to the source, and they spoke intermittently for the most of the evening. Added the source:

“They were watching him flirt and try to convince this girl to go home with him as he was hanging out with some of his mates. Even in front of his companions, he made the request for her phone number.”

Ivery requested the girl to make out with him and go home with him, the person claimed. He was aware that the girl knew who he was, but he didn’t care because he was determined to get her to accompany him home.

She, however, rejected his advances since she felt strangely sympathetic for Pompeo. The charges cast considerable question on the relationship between Ivery and Pompeo.

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Despite these obstacles, the pair managed to stay together. Most astonishingly, Pompeo thanked her spouse in a Father’s Day 2018 Instagram message that she published. In the post, she included a photo of Ivery strolling alongside one of their children.

Pompeo stated in the description for the image: “The three greatest blessings in my life have been provided by this man, who has also been my pillar of support, partner, and protector. I have no idea how I managed to be so blessed, but wow, am I thankful.”

Pompeo continued by saying that she doesn’t take the time she spends with Ivery or their adorable children for granted. She finished by saying how much she appreciated his affection and how he was everything to her.

Pompeo and Ivery have been married for 15 years despite the challenges of balancing a Hollywood profession with a marriage.

Pompeo discussed how she finds time for Ivery and their children during a 2018 interview with Us Weekly. She acknowledged that she receives a lot of assistance, for which she is thankful. When asked the secret of their union, Pompeo responded as follows:

“Avoid attempting to influence others. Don’t expect them to change since they are who they are and were okay when you married them.”

Pompeo said that her spouse is not frightened by her ambition or bossiness in a conversation with People. She added that having open and honest communication with Ivery benefits their marriage. She clarified:

“Due to my inclination to multitask, I might sometimes come out as a little dictatorial. He does a great job of letting me know when I’m speaking to him in an official capacity.”

Additionally, Pompeo is aware of her husband’s assets and shortcomings and adjusts her approach accordingly. She has an assistant, nannies, and housekeepers because, for instance, he is unable to multitask.

Ivery and Pompeo’s relationship is still going strong. The couple has faced challenges and questions about their relationship, yet they are still committed to one another and their children.

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