Even on his last minutes the young boy, with a rare bone cancer, took care of his mom…

When it was discovered that an eight-year-limp old’s was brought on by a fatal kind of cancer, the child passed away. After a seven-month struggle with cancer, Chandler passed away on Friday morning, and his family decided to cease his therapy.

Cong Tran, Chandler’s father, said he was more concerned about making sure his family was secure while Chandler was dying and in pain. On Friday, November 25, 2022, at two in the morning, Chandler made the peaceful decision to leave them, according to Mr. Tran. Before drawing his dying breath, he waited for everyone to have said their goodbyes for the day and for mommy to go asleep.

After 29 weeks of chemotherapy and surgery to treat Chandler’s condition, his leg was amputated a few months later. His father, Cong, revealed that the hospital ward served as his residence. The staff were knowledgeable about every aspect of him.

When Chandler’s family learned that the tumors had gotten bigger after nearly six months in the hospital, the family had to make the painful decision to stop Chandler’s therapy. Chandler then went home. According to a GoFundMe post by Chandler’s family, he made the decision to leave them peacefully while sleeping on Friday, November 25, at two in the morning.

A GoFundMe campaign set up to help the family with medical and funeral costs has garnered more than $100,000. Tran previously stated in November that when the family first noticed the pea-sized bruise on their baby’s thigh, they initially assumed he had simply bumped into something. He had just come home from vacation care on Good Friday, Tran said, and they saw he was hobbling a little.

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They believed he had landed awkwardly on his knee or shin, but he insisted nothing had happened. He was feeling about in a pea-sized lump on his leg. They opted to sleep on it and monitor what happened over night when he felt it and found it to be fairly substantial but not hurting him.

Tran brought his child to the Fairfield Hospital in Sydney for an MRI and an X-ray. On May 4, Chandler received a diagnosis of malignant tumors on his lungs and osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, in his leg.

To try to save his leg, Chandler was put on a limb salvage plan and started chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the illness worsened as it progressed, and his family was compelled to decide to amputate his leg above the knee. They told Chandler everything, and Tran said, “He genuinely understood and knew exactly what was going on.”

Angel, rest in peace. May the family find the fortitude to deal with this terrible loss.

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