Every day, a rare genetic feature turns a 19-year-old teenager into a completely different person… See how looks like now…

Every time, a young man in India is made to demonstrate to all of his peers that he was born and raised in the subcontinent.

Aviral Chauhan’s skin color, which is white, contributes to the confusion that he experiences in his surroundings.

Vitiligo is a very uncommon skin condition.

The loss of melanin pigment in certain parts of the skin is one of the telltale signs that this condition is present.

A young man who is now 19 years old first became aware of this characteristic when he was very young and observed a white spot near his eye.

When the patient was 14 years old, the vitiligo was already aggressively spreading and had covered the majority of the skin.

Aviral Chauhan underwent a radical transformation that caused him to become drastically distinct from his family.

There are moments when he doesn’t even recognize himself in old photographs.

“My vitiligo advanced quickly, and it all started with one white patch,” the patient said.

At school, he was subjected to humiliation at the hands of his classmates as well as ongoing derision.

There were a lot of inquiries made to my mother and father regarding me.

It came to the point where everyone believed I was adopted, which was embarrassing.

Now, in order to maintain his cultural identity, Aviral Chauhan is required to do so continually.

After all, a significant number of people who use the internet have accused him of plagiarizing a different culture.

“It infuriates me whenever I hear a variety of charges leveled against me of taking a culture from another country.

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I am an enrolled member of the Native American community, and I want everyone to know about it.

Unlike when he was in school, Aviral is better able to cope with the accusations and humiliation he receives from his environment now.

He owes a debt of gratitude to his family for their unwavering love and support throughout his life.

“My parents and my siblings have never criticized me because of the way I look. I have never had any reason to doubt that I am a typical person.

Because of this, I will never stop being thankful to them.

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