Everyone was impatient to see kids performance, but couldn’t help laughing when they started to shake…

Everybody has a favorite music that instantly makes them want to dance. Your song may come on while you’re driving and cause you to turn up the volume and sing along, or you may be dancing to it in the comfort of your own home. Many people love to get up and dance to the song in the video down below.

Even if the concert was put on by toddlers and kindergarteners, it is still nothing short of astounding. When you see how adorable these young performers actually are, you’ll feel the spirit of the season. They really steal the show, but in a totally innocent way!

In Jersey City, New Jersey, at the Saint Elizabeth Childcare Facility, these young children attend school. Although we are unsure of the video’s exact age, we do know that it has circulated online. We are overjoyed that it has been preserved for all time. It is simply too adorable to lose.

The kids took the platform and stood there apprehensively before their performance. They noticed so many faces in the audience watching them, so it’s safe to say that they were a little frightened.

It is clear that many of them, though, are eager to be in the spotlight. A few of them are looking out into the audience to see where their loved ones are seated.

The children start to dance as soon as the first song starts. They had a routine that their teacher trained them to dance to.

It was primarily designed to involve people standing still, making hand and arm motions, and singing. A few youngsters, though, aren’t satisfied with that. They are clearly becoming quite excited about their performance.

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“Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree” has been a popular song for many years. Numerous artists have covered the Johnny Marks-penned song since it was first released in 1958. Brenda Lee, a musical prodigy who began her career at the tender age of ten, sang this specific rendition.

This specific performance gave the song a lot more life and passion. We find it incredible how animated these kids are, but we are delighted that a recording of their performance was made so that we may all enjoy it.

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