Family Swaps Their Mortgage for Motorhome to Travel USA and Have No Regrets While …

An American family that chose to sell their home and travel across the country in a motorhome reports that they do not have any regrets about their decision and that they have saved more than $30,000 annually as a result.

They began their nomadic lifestyle in March 2021, after completing the renovation of a motorhome with a floor space of 300 square feet.

Since then, they have been homeschooling their children, working remotely, and traveling across the country.

After listening to a podcast about a family who gave up their house and moved into an RV, Jen Omohundro and her husband JR decided to follow in those footsteps.

After Jen was taken aback by the fact that JR was willing to make the significant choice, what had initially been a lovely day dream took on a more serious tone.

Omohundro shared that the family had been discussing how great the event was as well as what the children were experiencing at the time.

“Even though I believed it to be a novel and interesting idea, I never imagined that my spouse would support it. However, he took me by surprise by stating that he would be willing to participate.

We started doing research on how we’d go about it, and a week later, we had our house on the market.

That was in the middle of the 2020s. At this point, the family has traveled to 36 states, often staying anywhere from one to two weeks in each location in order to have a comprehensive understanding of the area.

The family invested $314,000 in their motorhome, spent an average of just under $800 per month on fuel, and spent an average of $1,450 per month on motorhome sites.

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This resulted in the family saving approximately $1,850 per month when compared to their previous monthly payments for their mortgage and utilities.

Except for the fact that it is the non-monetary equations that matter the most, such as the opportunity to go ziplining in the foothills of Pikes Peak or kayaking in the Mangroves, and all the while exposing their daughter Kelsey, who is 14 years old, and their son Lane, who is 10 years old, to a variety of real world experiences that correspond to what they are learning in school.

Omohundra is quoted as saying, “If we hadn’t done this, our family would have missed out on so many opportunities to grow and learn together.”

We went on mountain treks, swam with whales, and rode on a pedal railway while we were on vacation.

“Using an online program and supplementing it with real-world activities, homeschooling has been a wonderful educational option for our children.”

“If my son had stayed in school for the past year, he would be one year ahead of where he is today,” she continued.

“It was incredible, we took them to an archaeological site where they were digging up mammoths. We took them there.”

Even though we adore this way of life, we will never stop adapting to new circumstances and putting the needs of our family first.

They have since upgraded to a 400 square foot motorhome, which has provided them with their own quarters; yet, they continue to maintain that they are open to the possibility of purchasing a house once more in the event that the lifestyle ever becomes either too much or too little for them.

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