From across the room, Barry Gibb fell in love with his wife at first sight… She dealt with his demons and saved him…

More than half a century has passed since the beginning of Barry Gibb and Linda’s relationship. The couple shares a property in Miami that is conveniently located close to both their offspring and their grandchildren. They had a wonderful life together, but if Linda hadn’t been connected with Barry, he may have followed in the footsteps of his siblings.

The union that has existed between Barry Gibbs and Linda Gibbs for more than half of a century is still going strong. Barry is under the impression that it was love at first sight; it’s possible that this was the case.

After finishing his performance on “Top of the Pops,” Barry got only the chance to get a glimpse of Linda for the first time. While Barry and the members of his band were performing, Linda, who was at the time Miss Edinburgh and serving as a hostess, and Barry caught one other’s eye.

Barry said that upon first seeing her, he had the idea, “Who is the one and only lady that I want to spend the rest of my life with… My first impression was that it was love at first sight.”

Linda’s friends saw that Barry was gazing at her and informed her of it, but she dismissed the idea that someone as renowned or attractive as him was paying attention to her. Then Barry began strolling in her direction, and when he arrived at her location, he inquired as to whether or not she would be interested in sharing a cup of tea with him.

After their performance on “Top of the Pops,” Linda and Barry rushed off to another studio and eventually found themselves on the set of “Doctor Who.” According to Barry, on the set of “Doctor Who,” Linda and Barry “had a bit of a hug” in the Tardis of Doctor Who while being surrounded by Daleks.

At the end of the day, Linda was unable to resist Barry because of his good looks, and rumors have it that the two of them ended up making out in the phone booth that belongs to Doctor Who. After that point, they were considered an item, and their path toward the altar got underway.

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When asked what it was about Linda that first piqued his interest in her many years ago, Barry responded that it was not really about her looks but rather due to the fact that she was so lovely and had such a great sense of humor. After dating for a while together, Barry finally got down on one knee in Adam’s Row and popped the question to his girlfriend, asking her to marry him.

It didn’t take long for Barry and Linda to realize they were meant to be together, but getting there wasn’t without its share of drama. Because of his prominence in the music industry, Barry was always surrounded by eager ladies who were willing to carry out his commands if he would just pay them some attention.

Barry struggled to maintain his composure in the face of such allure. As far as Linda can tell, he got into a few scrapes before they were married, and the situation was so terrible that even his mother was aware of his reputation at the time. She had no reason to believe that Barry would take Linda’s feelings seriously, and she even warned Linda that he had a habit of telling every woman in his life that he would marry them.

Linda was not pleased with Barry’s extramarital affairs; nonetheless, he still picked her to be the woman he would spend the rest of his life with despite this. Linda has no idea why he would have done that, but she is grateful that she was the one he picked.

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Prior to her arrival, Barry had been happily married to Maureen Bates for a while. Their romance lasted for a decade, from 1966 all the way through 1970. Barry wed Linda in the same year that they finalized their divorce.

In spite of what his mother had thought, Barry married her, and after their marriage he became what some people describe as the “epitome of a doting husband.” From that point on, their love story progressed, and as time went on, they understood that they were the only ones who could put up with one other.

Despite the challenges that life has presented them with, the couple has managed to maintain their passionate love for one another. As a result of their love, both of them now have children of their own. The couple is now grandparents to seven children and have five of their own children — Steve, Alexandra, Ashley, Travis, and Michael — as children of their own.

They understand the significance of family and have worked hard to raise a close-knit one. In point of fact, even though the majority of their children are now adults with children of their own, they continue to reside in the same general area.

He owes his life to Linda.

It is common knowledge that Barry is a famous rock musician in the present day and that he has sold millions of copies of his songs; yet, few people are aware of the fact that his wife, Linda, was the driving force behind his accomplishments to this point.

Maurice, Andy, and Robin, who were also Barry’s siblings, battled with the success they achieved. Maurice developed a drinking problem as a result of his penchant for mixing scotch and Coca-Cola. It was a problem for him for some time until he finally checked himself into a rehabilitation center in the early 1990s.

Andy, the youngest brother, who found solo success riding on the wave of fame created by his older brother, fell victim to cocaine addiction, and it took his life at the age of 30. Robin was addicted to amphetamines. Andy, the youngest brother, found solo success riding on the wave of fame created by his older brother.

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Barry managed to avoid a similar demise, but the reason for this has more to do with the partners he chose than it does with anything else. Once, he said that

“My brothers had to face their demons, but I was married to a woman who wasn’t going to have it,” he said. “My wife was not going to let it happen.”

Barry said that he could have brought illegal substances into their residence, but they would have inevitably been flushed down the toilet. Linda was not going to allow Barry to go the same route that had led to the deaths of his brothers, and it didn’t matter how many times she had to throw the pills away to make her point. He said:

“Despite the fact that I had to cope with my brothers being very much out there, I was fortunate.”

The same cannot be said about his other brothers. As a result of the unexpected manner in which Robin lost her battle with cancer, Barry found himself wondering why Robin had never told him about his illness. In 2003, Maurice also passed away unexpectedly after undergoing surgery.

One thing that the brothers had in common before to their deaths was disdain for Barry, and the star has had to battle off the demons that dogged him as a result of losing his siblings on terrible terms in order to go on with his life. He is really fortunate to have Linda, and he has no intention of ever letting her go.

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