Genie Francis of “General Hospital” declined her co-star husband’s invitation to go out, despite being in love with him…

Prior to their marriage, Genie Francis put her acting career on hiatus; nevertheless, when Jonathan Frakes expressed interest in her, she turned him down. Both decisions’ justifications were rather startling.

Eugenie Ann Francis, better known as Genie Francis, was born in Englewood, New Jersey, on May 26, 1962. They appeared in the 1982 films “Bare Essence” and “North and South” together before she wed her longtime partner, Jonathan Frakes.

Like his wife, Frakes has worked as a director in addition to being an actress. Ironically, Francis used to keep a picture of “Mr. Spock” from the 1966 film “Star Trek” on her refrigerator before she married him.

Later, he was able to play a popular television series, “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” which debuted in 1987. First Contact was the first film that Frakes directed. He eventually got to work on a “Star Trek” film.

He received more than $300,000 to direct “Contact.” But he also got to portray Commander William Riker on “Star Trek,” which brought in a salary of over $1 million!

Francis had the opportunity to co-star with Frakes in the 1985 miniseries “North and South.” Three couples who met on the Civil War miniseries’ set ended up getting married, suggesting that something was in the air there.

His spouse concurred, noting, “Both the men and the women appeared to be stunning. We all had nice looks!” Frakes and Francis, though, had first come into contact when they starred together in “Bare Essence” in 1983.

The actress said she enjoyed how Kin Shriner treated her like “one of the guys” when they co-starred on “General Hospital.” But when they worked on “North and South,” she noticed that things had changed and that she had “a big crush” on him.

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Francis made him laugh, gave him thoughtful stares, and fanning herself were all flirtatious gestures. The actress couldn’t help but blush when Frakes and other men escorted her to a Bourbon Street strip club to celebrate her 23rd birthday!

She did not find the situation amusing in the least. Frakes proposed to her a week later while they were on a weekend break to show her how much he loved her, but she declined out of fear and lack of dating experience!

The actress who has played Luke Spencer’s wife Laura Spencer on “General Hospital” since 1977 recommended that they go on a traditional date instead. After eating at McDonald’s, the two sat in a church parking lot and had a conversation.

Frakes moved in with his partner a year after “North and South” was finished filming. He made a second attempt to propose to Francis in 1987 and had the response he had been hoping for!

The next year, on May 28, 1988, the pair formally dated. The actress’ troubles with her self-image and struggle with alcoholism were among the things Frakes and Francis had to argue over in their marriage.

Prior to losing her employment in 2002 and moving to London, Francis, who left “General Hospital” when she was younger, had maintained her sobriety for 20 years. The actress was having a hard time and had planned to have one wine glass with supper before going home, but she was wrong.

She returned to her normal routine after spending 21 days in rehabilitation. Francis, who once quit “General Hospital” because she thought she was disposable, ate a lot since she couldn’t drink, gaining weight, and she eventually reached a size 16; strangely, Frakes had a different opinion of her, saying:

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“She looks good on any size woman! I don’t think she has 30 pounds to lose, but I’m encouraging her and preventing sweets from being consumed at home.

The husband of the filmmaker has supported his wife during her darkest hours. This included the time that Francis’ contract for her appearance on “General Hospital” wasn’t renewed; she felt depressed and stopped dieting until she hired a trainer.

Francis spoke about her children with Frakes on Mother’s Day in May 2019. The now-adult Jameson and Eliza were the couple’s first two children.

The actress admitted that having kids made it easier for her to put her kids’ needs ahead of her own. The “coolest thing,” according to Francis, about having a child was that they were a gift that went on giving.

The celebrity explained that this was feasible because one’s children were unique at every stage, right up until adulthood. The actress from “The Young and the Restless” talked about how she cherished spending Mother’s Day at home with her loved ones.

Francis and her husband had become empty-nesters by 2018 and were no longer sharing their Los Angeles home with anyone. The “Days of Our Lives” actress was renovating a home she had purchased back in the 1980s.

Modernizing the house seemed to take her forever for some reason. Francis loved to work on it, but she had no intention of staying there because she planned to sell the house once she was finished with it.
Francis was now enjoying “the teamwork of the teams” and some very great plays!

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The actress and her husband already possessed a second home in Maine, where they had also operated the Cherished Home, a shop selling cottage furnishings. The couple marked 30 years of marriage in 2018!

Francis said to The Philadelphia Inquirer that she and her spouse had no secrets regarding their extended union. She instead recited what her grandma had said to her:

“You must be willing to endure a few extremely difficult years if you want to stay married for a long time. Furthermore, you might need to have them more than once.”

Frakes and Francis felt closer than ever after being empty-nesters. The actress was glad that they no longer had to share their love and attention when their kids were still living with them.

Additionally, the pair had more time to spend doing ordinary activities like shopping, walking the dogs, and eating lunch together. Francis also said in a humorous way that she was more understanding of Frakes’ need to watch sports!

Although the celebrity acknowledged that the behavior formerly infuriated her, she could now observe her spouse while remaining in the room. Instead, she would keep herself occupied by knitting.

Francis, who had previously turned down her partner’s marriage proposal, was now appreciating “the camaraderie of the teams” and some really great plays! The pair had been in love and living together for for 33 years in 2022!

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