George Clooney has been described as the “best combination of gentleman and playmate” by Julia Roberts…

Congratulations are in order for George Clooney, who has been a close friend of Julia Roberts for a very long time.

The actress, who is 55 years old, attended the 45th Annual Kennedy Center Honors on Sunday in Washington, District of Columbia. There, she honored Clooney by taking the stage while wearing a dress that was covered in photographs of Clooney, who is 61 years old.

Roberts has said this about her co-star in Ticket to Paradise: “Not only is he handsome and talented in all mediums he chooses to tackle, but he is profoundly present and attentive to the world around him,” Roberts said of her co-star. Because he is constantly thinking about other people and their problems, it can be challenging to picture when he actually shuts his brain off and takes a break.

The person who won the Academy Award went on to say that Clooney’s “global interest in people should come as no surprise as he creates such a sense of community on a movie set, making everyone feel seen and heard.” Clooney has been nominated for two Academy Awards.

“Now, it’s possible that the distinctly small-town Southern boy in him appeals to the small-town Southern girl in me because of our shared background. And I’ve just always had the impression that George and I both have a genuine understanding of one another, “The addition of Roberts “He is the epitome of what it is to be both a gentleman and a playmate.”

During the occasion, which recognized George Clooney along with four other individuals for their lifetime of artistic achievements, Matt Damon also spoke on behalf of Clooney.

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During his remarks, Damon, who is 52 years old, made a joke about having made “hits” and “bombs” with Clooney, and about the two of them enjoying all of the ups and downs of their careers together. In addition to that, he made fun of Clooney’s alleged “movie star looks.”

“George, I am aware that many people believe you have the appearance of a movie star, but if we are being completely honest, it takes a village to style a star.

“I have collaborated with George on a number of his most successful as well as his most unsuccessful recordings. Together, we have been praised to the highest possible levels, and together, we have been criticized to the point of oblivion “…and Damon continued. “And I have cherished every second of it.”

The evening celebrated a number of artists in addition to Clooney, including Amy Grant, Gladys Knight, composer-conductor Tania León, and U2.

The recipient of an Academy Award was quoted as saying, “Growing up in a little town in Kentucky, I could never have dreamt that someday I’d be the one sitting in the balcony at the Kennedy Center Honors,” as reported by ABC News.

“It’s quite an honor to be recognized in the same breath as the likes of these other outstanding talents. This comes as a genuine and very pleasant shock to the Clooney family as a whole “Clooney also mentioned that his wife Amal Clooney, as well as his parents Nick Clooney and Nina Bruce Warren, were present to show their support for him.

The broadcast of the Kennedy Center Honors ceremony will take place on CBS on December 28.

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