Grieving Daughter Jennifer Aniston Rang Dad Constantly & Managed to Forgive Him Though He Left Her as a Baby

“Days of Our Lives” actor John Aniston died on November 11, 2022. John is also the father of the renowned actress Jennifer Aniston who announced her father’s passing on her Instagram.

Jennifer Aniston and John Aniston in California in 2003. | Source: Getty Images

The actress expressed gratitude for having experienced the “most beautiful human ever.” Jennifer said her father died peacefully with no pain and that 11/11 would be a date she never forgets. She ended her message with the words, “I”ll love you till the end of time.”

Jennifer Aniston’s Estranged Relationship with Her Father

Jennifer’s relationship with her father has not always been on the best terms. When Jennifer was eleven, John was reported to have walked out on the actress and her mother, Nancy Dow, in November 1979.

The “Friends” alum has been honest about the difficulty of that moment. She said she remembered her mother telling her father would be gone for a while.

Jennifer was unsure what a while would be but said her father was gone for about a year. The actress said her father randomly called her and invited her out. The father and daughter “went to a diner and saw a show,” and from that day, Jennifer said she started seeing John more.

However, the frequent visits did not mend the relationship immediately; Jennifer said her father was not a good communicator, but she understood his way of explaining and apologizing, which was enough for her to forgive him.

The “Just Go With It” star confessed that bottling in the resentment she had for her father was not serving her anymore, and as an adult, she felt the need to stop blaming her parents for everything.

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Jennifer Aniston and John Aniston in California in 2012. | Source: Getty Images

The ups and downs of their relationship continued, but the father and daughter got closer during the coronavirus pandemic. A source revealed that Jennifer wanted to connect closely with her father while he was still alive.

The Daily Mail source stated that Jennifer called John every day, and their long conversions showed they were intentional about rebuilding their relationship.

Jennifer Aniston in Hollywood in 2015. | Source: Getty Images

John also said that Jennifer had been the best daughter during this challenging time. Even though they could not see each other, she tried to check up on him as often as possible.

Jennifer Aniston’s Complicated Relationship with Her Mother

Jennifer’s mother was a model and an actress famous for her roles in the TV shows “The Beverly Hillbillies” and “Wild Wild West.” in the 1960s.

Nancy Dow in California in 2000. | Source: Getty Images

Dow first married pianist Jack Melick for five years, and they had one son, John Jr, but their marriage ended in 1961. Her second husband was John Aniston, whom she married in 1965, and she had a daughter, Jennifer Aniston.

The couple divorced in 1981, but Jennifer’s relationship with her mother faced challenges. The actress revealed that her mother was critical of her and too concerned about how she presented herself in public.

For this reason, Jennifer did not feel like she was the “model child” her mother wanted. The actress thought her mother focused on the less important things when she only wanted her love.

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The fallout between the mother and daughter became public when Dow published a tell-all book right after Jennifer joined “Friends.” This led to Jennifer not speaking to her mother for 15 years. The actress also chose not to invite Dow to her wedding to Brad Pitt in 2000.

However, by the time Dow passed in 2016, she and Jennifer had reconciled. Dow had reportedly suffered a series of strokes and died at 79 years old, surrounded by her friends and family.

Nancy Dow in California in 2000. | Source: Getty Images

In an interview with Allure, Jennifer opened up about the pain she experienced when her parents divorced. The actress said she realized how traumatic the separation from her father was for her mother.

She remembered her mother sad and picking up with tears on her face. However, Jennifer was also aware of the few resources and conversations about mental illness at the time.

Her mother could not receive therapy or the proper medication to help her deal with the difficulty of her situation. Therefore, Jennifer said she forgave her parents because it was vital for her healing process.

Instead of holding grudges, Jennifer said she realized how toxic it was to carry that anger, so she took her mother’s experience as a lesson to not be a better person. The actress remembered telling her mother. “Thank you for showing what never to be.”

Therefore, Jennifer advised that some of the dark moments in life are not there to define a person, but what can help overcome them is to honor them for the lessons they have brought into our lives.

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Jennifer spent the last few years with her father building a solid relationship, and losing her parent is never easy, so we wish the actress strength as she grieves John’s death.