Guy Gives Shelter Dogs Free Haircuts to Help Them Get Adopted… See them before and after…

Even if you’re only a dog, getting a good haircut is the first step to unlocking the key to success in any endeavor you undertake.

Even though Mark Imhof has only been operating his dog grooming business for the past four months, he has already given away fifty free haircuts to stray dogs and cats in the New York City area in the hopes of increasing their chances of being adopted. And, wow, does it work!

You only need to look at these photographs labeled “before” and “after” to see how a simple grooming session has significantly increased the dogs’ prospects of being adopted into loving homes.

Imhof is the proprietor of the pet services business known as “The Dog Guy,” and he claims that his volunteer work is assisting these canines in regaining some of their lost self-respect.

Some of the dogs that are brought to the shelter have fur that is so matted that it makes it difficult for them to move and may even impair their ability to smell.

According to Imhof, he has witnessed dramatic personality shifts in dogs as soon as he has finished giving them their haircuts.

Imhof gave up his work as a certified public accountant in November in order to launch his own pet services business.

He immediately began offering free grooming services to a multitude of dogs residing under the care of Animal Care Centers of New York City.

Because of these makeovers, practically every dog has been adopted into a loving home where they will stay forever. Even as one of the animals was being removed off the grooming table, he was adopted by a new owner.

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Imhof told Metro that she felt encouraged each time she returned to her home after work. “It’s incredible how quickly I’m able to form a connection with the animals.”

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