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There are some people who don’t want a large, white wedding with the organ reverberating as they go down the aisle.

How about something on the complete opposite end of the musical spectrum, with some heavy metal thrown in for good measure?

That is the route that one bride decided to go, and she is overjoyed with how her party turned out to be centered around Halloween.

Many people only get the chance to put on a costume and go door to door asking for candy one time a year on Halloween.

But for Kirsty Boultbee, a customer service employee from Swadlincote, Derbyshire, the day is extra memorable because she has an unhealthy obsession with the terrifying incident.

Boultbee is 44 years old. To her good fortune, it is something that she and her new husband Chris, who is 45 years old, share in common.

Therefore, it was only natural that in keeping with the couple’s shared love of Halloween, the atmosphere of their wedding day was appropriately spooky, with a lot of black, spiders, skulls, pumpkins, and heavy metal music.

Kirsty wore a white dress with black lace on it, and she accessorized with a black and purple bouquet that had little skulls attached to it.

This was in contrast to the “dark” motifs that were prevalent throughout the day. While the side of her wedding shoes were engraved with the words “till death.”

In keeping with the theme of their wedding, the celebration featured bats, pumpkins, and, of course, skull ornaments. In addition, the couple cut their wedding cake in the shape of a purple and black skull.

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She explains, “It was decorated with a skull wedding and groom, and it was such a lovely surprise, I had a few tears in my eyes.” “It was decorated with a skull bride and groom,” she continues.

Kirsty had a design that looked like cobwebs painted on her fingernails, and the couple’s wedding rings featured skulls carved around the band with the phrase “till death.”

The best man’s groomsmen wore purple flowers that had tiny spiders on them.

And there was no question that the day of the wedding, which took place in the year 2020, had to be October 31.

The couple is aware that it may appear peculiar to some others, but they maintain that, to them, it is entirely normal and genuine to who they are and what they are interested in. Kirsty stated that it “has always been a part of each of our personalities.”

“Because we are huge fans of macabre themes and rock music, as well as skulls and dark colors in general, we get really excited about everything that has to do with Halloween.

“Because we enjoy getting dressed up and decorating the house together, it serves a dual purpose: one, it’s something that we do for ourselves, and second, it adds spice to our marriage.

It is wonderful that I have someone who shares this enthusiasm with me because in the past it has been challenging due to the fact that I guess the preoccupation is a little bit strange.

“We were prepared for guests to tell us that it was inappropriate to have so many music and decorations at a wedding, but I believe they got the point that this theme was about us.

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They are familiar with both us and our fixation on Halloween. My mother, who is also a goth, was overjoyed by the news.”

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