Harrison Ford’s ex-wife Mary Marquardt has been battling multiple sclerosis for decades… What happened then

Mary Marquardt was the first lady to wed Hollywood star Harrison Ford. Even though the former couple has been separated for more than three decades, many of the pair’s admirers are still interested in learning more about Marquardt.

When Harrison Ford was just beginning his career as an actor, Mary Marquardt was there to see it. She became the Hollywood star’s college sweetheart after the two of them met when they were both attending Rippon College in Wisconsin.

In June of 1964, they became husband and wife. The passage of time, however, seemed to dull the intensity of their love for one another. Marquardt’s fight against an incurable cancer started at the same time that he and his wife decided to dissolve their marriage in the end.

Harrison Ford could not have achieved his success without the support of Mary Marquardt.
The first few years of Marquardt and Ford’s marriage were a struggle for both of them. When they were first married, her spouse was trying very hard to launch a career in the entertainment world.

Ford, who was determined to have a career in acting, thought of relocating to a location where there were more prospects. The outcome of the toss of the coin would decide what would take place next for the pair.

If the coin were to fall on its tail, the pair would uproot their lives and go to New York City so that Ford could pursue a career on Broadway. If the coin came out heads, Marquardt’s spouse would go to Hollywood in an effort to launch a career in the film and television industry there.

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When it was revealed that the coin had fallen on its tail, the couple made the decision to relocate to New York. However, since it was so chilly in New York, they decided against having another coin toss and instead left the city. After all, they had previously made their homes in chilly regions of the American Midwest.

Marquardt, who never left her husband’s side, consented to the choice that he had made to relocate the family to a warmer climate. They were anxious about the life that lay ahead of them, so they packed everything they had into their Volkswagen bus and travelled to the west coast.

The pair arrived at Laguna Beach, which is a municipality located on the coast in Los Angeles County. Marquardt made their home there and reared their children there while Ford sought a career in show business. Benjamin and Willard were the names of her two new kids.

Later in life, Ford had great success in the entertainment industry; nevertheless, his rise to popularity seemed to negatively impact his marriage. Marquardt divorced Ford in 1979, after the couple had been married for a total of 15 years.

After meeting screenwriter Melissa Mathison on the set of “Apocalypse Now,” Harrison Ford and his longtime partner decided to end their relationship. Marquardt did not remarry, but her ex-husband did, and they wed Mathison in the year 1984. Marquardt did not remarry.

Multiple sclerosis is something that Mary Marquardt has dealt with for decades.

Multiple sclerosis (MS), a disease that affects the body’s central nervous system as well as the spinal cord, was identified with Marquardt in the late 1980s, only a few years after her divorce from Ford. MS is a condition that causes progressive damage to the central nervous system.

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She was able to bring up her boys despite the illnesses, which she was enduring. Ben disclosed the fact that his mother had kept her sickness a secret from her family and friends by telling them that the symptoms of her disease varied often during an interview in the year 2017.

In addition, he said that when he was younger, he was not aware of his mother’s symptoms, and it took him some time to completely comprehend it. There is currently no therapy for MS; nevertheless, his mother has been coping with the condition for almost 35 years.

Ben’s statement suggests that his mother is no longer able to cook since she has gotten used to the effects of her illness. She did not give up on cooking and instead instructed Ben in the art of cooking and the preparation of dishes.

Ben, who is now a chef, said that one of Marquardt’s ways of expressing her love for her family and friends was via the art of cooking. He acknowledged the contribution that his mother had made by passing on her culinary expertise. He added:

While the other kids were out running about and playing football, I was helping my parents prepare dinner in the kitchen.

Marquardt’s disease compels her to use a wheelchair, but this does not prevent her from making significant contributions to the kitchen despite the limitations imposed by her illness. Ben has developed a number of different recipes that might be of assistance to those who suffer from multiple sclerosis.

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The children of Harrison Ford’s ex-wife are aware of their mother’s struggle with multiple sclerosis since their mother has always been open and honest with them about her condition. In exchange, Ben increased public awareness of multiple sclerosis and even started a campaign called #ReimagineMySelf in the year 2017.

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