His feet can’t even reach the pedals, but he plays Mozart perfectly…

Some individuals are fortunate enough to have all the skills and aptitudes of the late, great musical geniuses of human history at birth. Consider the 5-year-old Italian boy prodigy as an illustration.

Alberto Cartuccia Cingolani is educating grownups on the finer nuances of Mozart while most children his age are taking naps and learning their ABCs in kindergarten.

You can’t just pick it up by taking a few piano lessons. You simply have certain things hard-coded in your DNA!

Other than the fact that he is from Italy and the complete opposite of low-key, not much is known about Alberto. However, if the amount of iPhones held up by spectators is anything to go by, it clearly indicates that he is film-worthy.

Alberto doesn’t hesitate to demonstrate to the audience his audacity, tenacity, and exceptional talent with lightning-quick fingers and the intensity of someone with many more years of experience on him.

Observe how there are no music sheets on the deck in front of him. This small man is reciting the notes verbatim!

Some would even claim that it’s “muscle memory” from a previous life spent performing and composing in Vienna’s opulent palaces.
Hello, Mozart! Are you there?

Speaking about Mozart, Alberto is performing the 16th Piano Sonata in C Major, K. The number 545 is rather long. Perhaps you are better accustomed to the considerably easier and more lyrical “Sonata Facile.”

Mozart was one of the original coffee house musicians in his day, despite being known for playing at posh venues for the super-rich.

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In reality, Café Frauenhuber in Vienna, a former hangout for both Mozart and Beethoven, is still open for business. Imagine indulging in a dark roast and a wiener schnitzel while peacefully taking in the strains of Mozart. What a strange combination!

Alberto certainly possesses the musical talent to succeed in life, despite the fact that he won’t be performing any performances at a Dunkin’ or Starbucks anytime soon.
He communicates with people in a level that is impossible to do with just words. You can really feel it in your bones, that’s all!

However, some people contest the veracity of this piano prodigy and have proposed theories as to how a 5-year-old could have a hairstyle popular in the 1980s without anyone noticing.

Alberto has a musical talent that is unmatched in any way, and listening to him perform will make you feel chills go through your body.
This young youngster is the ideal representation of what it means to fearlessly embrace your gifts and grow into your destiny. We ought to all be so fortunate!

Watch the video below to see this 5-year-old perform Mozart beautifully:

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