How a quick-witted 10-year-old boy avoided being lured away by a stranger – “Act like you’re my mother’…

We currently inhabit a new era and a different world. Even if we would want to remain in our secure cocoon, the world is waiting to be discovered. And despite our best efforts, we cannot constantly keep a watch on our kids to ensure their safety.

But one of the things we can do as parents is to arm children with the information they need to stay safe and stay away from the risks that are all around them. Every parent should instruct their children about stranger danger and what to do in an emergency.

No parent, of course, wants their children to ever need to apply these emergency guidelines or what they discovered about stranger danger. However, teaching children the appropriate behavior can save lives.

On November 11, 2022, a 10-year-old boy from Pottstown, Pennsylvania, was walking home when he was approached by a total stranger.

Although Sammy Green didn’t know her, she claimed to know his parents, thus it’s likely that she also knew Sammy Green.

She then started probing Sammy’s relatives and where his father was. She even informed Sammy at one point that he had to accompany her and that she would get him whatever he wanted from the Wawa store.

Sammy picked up on the strangeness of this talk right away. He instantly became uneasy and afraid since he didn’t feel like the way the stranger was asking questions.

Despite his mounting dread, he was aware that he had to move quickly. Sammy quickly made his way to a well-known store to seek assistance after recalling what his father had advised him about this kind of circumstance—not to trust anyone if he is being followed and to act casually.

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The small neighborhood store Dani Bee Funky is located near Pottstown. Only Hannah Daniels, a 17-year-old, was present at the time.

The cctv showed Sammy approaching her from behind the cash register right away and explaining his situation to her quickly while the other person waited by the door.

A strange woman was pursuing him, so he begged Hannah to pose as his mother. Hannah didn’t hesitate to assist the youngster, who was obviously in a frightening circumstance.

She moved as soon as Sammy did to separate the boy from the unidentified woman. As Sammy stepped back outside, the woman waited by the door, appearing to be confused.

She was unable to enter once Hannah yanked the door shut, so she simply left.

The unnerving occurrence was captured on surveillance cameras. The CCTV footage was difficult for Sam Green, Sammy’s father, to watch. Because of his son’s natural tendency to distrust strangers and his prompt decision to seek assistance, things might have turned out differently.

Every time he views the video clip that the cctv camera captured, he sobs. Sam claims that seeing your child seek assistance because he thought his life might be in danger hurts you deeply.

However, he simply cannot stop praising him for what he done.

Hannah deserves praise for helping his son and handled the issue with composure and presence of mind.

The store’s owner, Dani Small, has also praised the 17-year-old employee for performing her duties correctly.

Many people, like Hannah Daniels, are willing to assist children in need. Who can forget the brave teen who confronted a criminal attempting to kidnap children and subdued him until the cops arrived?

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The woman who contacted Sammy has already been located by police, and she is being advised to get mental health treatment. No legal action will be taken against the woman by Sammy’s family.

Child safety experts say Sammy handled this terrifying situation perfectly. He trusted his instincts, realized he was in a dangerous situation, and went for help.

Children should be aware that they have the right to talk to a trusted adult if they feel uncomfortable or afraid, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Sammy’s dad has a lot of trauma seeing the film, but it’s a wonderful lesson of the dangers of approaching strangers. So that his kids will know what to do when a stranger approaches, he wants other parents to view the clip and talk about it with their kids. or even an unreliable family member or close friend.

The video below shows Sammy Green’s quick thinking in its entirety.

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