“I wish someone had informed me how much of a grind it was,” Trevor Noah said on his impending retirement from “The Daily Show.” Find out more below…

It has come to light that many people were taken completely by surprise when Trevor Noah announced he would be leaving The Daily Show.

“I’d rather have people be unhappy than that they are joyful, like, ‘Good riddance, that d*** is out of the building,’” Noah revealed his departure from the Comedy Central show that will take place on December 8 to the Hollywood Reporter.

Both the showrunner of The Daily Show, Jen Flanz, and the head writer, Zhubin Parang, were unaware of the news when he made the announcement in September during an unscripted period during the show. The two executives from Paramount with whom he had lunch the previous day were also there. Even his representatives were informed after the news became public.

“Part of the reason I did it that way is that I didn’t want anybody to be the person who then tells somebody else, who then tells somebody else, who then tells somebody else,” said Noah, who was 38 years old at the time and had just signed a new two-year deal to remain with the show in June. Noah had just recently extended his contract with the show for another two years. “And with that, the item is brought into being. Since [the concert] is where we are all together and serves as our space, I figured that telling everyone at the same time would be the most natural way to go about it.”

After the taping, the members of the staff got together to talk about the news. It was “short and extremely quiet,” according to Flanz, and Noah, who hosted the show for seven years, “apologized to everybody.” She continued by saying, “I guess that I had always imagined that he was just the Energizer Bunny and would go on forever.”

“Perhaps the fact that I wasn’t brought up in the United States is to blame for this, but I think that everything should come to an end,” the South African TV personality and comedian stated. “A significant portion of the American commercial sector as well as the American media are of the opinion that things should be allowed to continue for as long as possible; nevertheless, I believe that it is healthy for things to come to an end while they are still in a positive place. I want to get out of here before I’m completely worn out since there are so many other things that pique my interest.”

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Due to the fact that he was concentrating on his stand-up comedy career at the time, Noah initially turned down an offer from former host Jon Stewart to join the show as a correspondent in 2013. He ultimately came around and took over for Stewart in 2015 after first disagreeing. After a rocky start to his time as host, he eventually regained his footing, in part thanks to former President Trump, whose antics provided plenty of material for the show. In addition, Noah did an excellent job leading the program as it was going through the pandemic.

Nevertheless, it was evident that he was being worn down as he was shooting the show from home while the epidemic was going on. This occurred while he was covering influenza. He added that he had come to the realization that “Oh, maybe this is harder than I’m giving me permission to say.” After the world began to open up more for him, he resumed his longtime hobby of traveling, which contributed significantly to both his lifestyle and his level of happiness. He went on to say that after two excursions during the summer of the previous year, he “found himself realizing exactly how much I’d missed out on.”

Coming back to the studio after the lockdown was lifted was of no assistance. Noah stated that his favorite part of working at the Daily Show was mingling with coworkers, having conversations, and generating ideas. However, “Because I’m the host, I’m encased in this bubble even though everyone else in the building is wearing a mask. We’ve also placed restrictions on the number of people who can be there at any given time and the areas in which they’re allowed to move around. They are unanimous in their opinion that he is unable to obtain COVID. Because of this, an event that was already an isolated occurrence was made even more so, and all of these factors simply pile up.”

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Noah stated that he has no say in the matter of who will succeed him as host. However, he is open to the possibility of working as a producer or a consultant. There have been many suggestions made, one of which is the correspondent Roy Wood Jr. Noah stated that he has frankly discussed the responsibilities of the position with each and every one of his correspondents.

“I wish someone had told me what a grind it was,” he said, stressing that because he was running the show, he was responsible for everything from set design to HR, and it never stops. “I wish someone had informed me what a grind it was,” he said. “There has never been a time when breaking news has occurred in which I have thought, “Oh wow, I don’t care.” No, it’s not optional for me; keeping up with current events is an essential element of my profession.” When subsequently asked if he would have accepted the job if he had been aware of what was entailed, he eventually responded, “No.” “It’s possible that the answer is yes, but I can’t be sure. And perhaps the ignorance that I had was what kept me alive since I am grateful that I went through with it. It’s kind of like asking if I’ll ever go bungee jumping again. I have no idea, but looking back, I’m glad I did that too.”

When he was leaving the program, Stewart gave him some advice that has stuck with him ever since: “Try to go before it drains you, before it makes you exhausted and furious,” he remembers Stewart saying to him. “And I distinctly recall thinking, “Why would you get tired and angry?” at the time. And he responded by saying, “It’s different for everybody. You should be aware that you are free to depart whenever you choose to do so. You are responsible for your own trip.”

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There is a very extensive list of things that need to be done next. For starters, there is Noah’s Zero Day Productions, which is a partnership with Paramount and will continue operating. The company is currently developing more than 30 projects spanning multiple platforms, some of which include a scripted project based on Noah’s early days in the United States as an immigrant and a Broadway musical about apartheid. In addition, a film adaptation of Noah Adler’s memoir Born a Crime, which was published in 2016, is currently in the works, and Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o is in talks to play Adler’s mother. A second book, in addition to podcasts, speaking engagements, voiceover work, authoring scripts, and the development of a video game, are all projects that are now under development. Oh, and in 2019, he will also go on a comedy tour that will take him to 28 cities across North America.

Additionally, he may have the opportunity to date in a less public setting. When asked about being spotted cuddling Dua Lipa, Noah laughed when he was asked about his exes, who include Minka Kelly. On the other hand, he did note that he finds it amazing “how strong” stories that appear in tabloids can be.

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