In front of the camera, some corgis are getting really competitive with a game of tetherball…

Around these parts, the game of tetherball is taken very seriously.

Fans of the Corgi breed The Griswold family is the proud guardians of seven wonderful canine companions. Katrina Griswold. Naturally, any outdoor family gathering is a corgi event, and the dogs are more than capable of having fun with their toys on their own. More specifically, ones that are rounded.

Griswold claims that the dogs like the activity of chasing balls very much. In particular, basketballs or other items of a size precisely comparable to it. They are like little versions of Air Buds.”

Because balls have a tendency to wander off and become lost, Griswold’s mother thought it would be a great idea to have a ball that was linked to a rope so that the game could continue. After that, she went out and purchased a set of tetherballs for them.

Griswold is quoted as saying, “We really did not show them at all!” They’ve just gone and done it! When I first saw them perform, the first thing that went through my mind was how skilled they are.

It is difficult to explain with absolute confidence what the rules are for the corgi-centric tetherball games that they play.

But the fact that they never stop having fun is the thing that matters the most.

Griswold asserted, ” They’re so much enjoyable to look at.” We could sit here all day and watch it, and they could go out and play if we let them!

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