In “Harry & Meghan,” Piers Morgan is quite critical of Meghan Markle, but he saves his harshest criticism for Prince Harry….

The announcement that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry would stand down from their positions as senior royals in the early part of 2020 stunned the whole globe. Since that time, the family has uprooted and moved to the United States, where they now make their home with their two children, a boy named Archie and a girl named Lilibet. Even though they kept their HRH titles, they were no longer required to fulfill any royal responsibilities as representatives of the monarchy or receive any financial assistance from the palace. However, they did keep their HRH titles. Their pointed critique of the royal family’s culture, which they voiced in the now-famous interview that they gave to Oprah Winfrey in 2021, was greeted with some condemnation from people all around the globe, but the pair also received a great deal of support.

The Archewell company has been a major focus for the Sussex family ever since they made the move to Montecito, which is located in Santa Barbara County, California. While Harry has been working on his memoir titled “Spare,” which is described as being “full of insight, revelation, self-examination, and hard-won wisdom about the eternal power of love over grief,” Meghan has begun hosting a podcast called “Archetypes” that “dives into the labels that try to hold women back.” Meanwhile, “Archetypes” “dives into the labels that try to hold women back.”

In addition, the pair has begun on a trip to capture their life since leaving the stately corridors of Buckingham Palace in the series “Harry & Meghan,” which is available on Netflix. The show follows the couple as they go from the “secret, early days of their unexpected romance” to their marriage in May 2018, as well as their experiences under intense public scrutiny. The show also chronicles the couple’s progression from the “secret, early days of their unexpected romance” to their marriage. Additionally, it goes into their interactions with members of the royal family as well as the influence and stresses that the institution has made on their lives together as a couple. The show also depicted the challenges that the couple faced, such as Meghan’s struggle to adjust to royal protocols and the media circus, as well as Harry’s efforts to protect his new family and the strain it has put on his relationships. These challenges included Meghan’s struggle to adjust to royal protocols and the media circus. On the other hand, not everyone enjoys watching the program.

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Piers Morgan, a well-known figure on British television and a television presenter, is no stranger to controversy. Over the course of his career, he has been vocal in his criticism of a wide variety of public figures, ranging from the environmental activist Greta Thunberg to the actors Hugh Grant and John Cleese. Since the premiere of “Harry & Meghan,” Morgan has been directing his animosity on Prince Harry and Meghan, and he just published an extended commentary in The Sun in which he criticizes the royal couple for their “nauseating, tawdry, and staggeringly egotistical” Netflix reality series.

Morgan’s criticism of Meghan is not new, since this is not the first time she has done so. It was said that he and the Duchess of Sussex used to get along well, but that their friendship soured not long after she began a serious engagement with Prince Harry. This is according to reports. “Meghan and I had a cordial relationship, but she stopped talking to me. Following the actress’s interruption, Morgan was quoted as saying to the Mirror, “I am not impressed.” After that, he started speaking poorly of the duo and branded them “the two most spoilt brats in history.” He also questioned the veracity of Markle’s allegations that she endured racism and mental health difficulties from the royal family.

Morgan left the set after a contentious on-air interview with presenter Alex Beresford because of the tension caused by his criticism, in particular, of Meghan Markle. The criticism of Markle in particular sparked a controversy regarding whether or not Morgan’s statements constituted bullying.

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Morgan has continued to belittle Harry and Meghan both onscreen and off, and on December 15, 2022, he published a lengthy tirade in which he criticized the couple for their Netflix docuseries, which he referred to as a “whine-a-thon.” Morgan has also been critical of other people who have criticized Harry and Meghan. In spite of the fact that he made his customary criticisms of Meghan Markle and her “unquenchable appetite for barreling her way into the news cycle,” he reserved his harshest criticism for the youngest son of King Charles III.

When it came to his assessment of “Harry & Meghan,” Morgan didn’t hold back from giving his honest opinion. He said in the article that the program “confirmed everything I suspected about (Meghan),” and none of it was positive. If a woman were to forsake her own family, including her elderly father, because he worked with a photographer to better his criticized image, she would not hesitate to encourage her hapless husband to destroy his own family.

Morgan had some nasty things to say about Harry after she had described Meghan as a “divorced American C-list actress now joyously performing the role of her life.” Morgan added in his letter, “However, my true indignation is with Harry, whose betrayal of his family and his country has now been laid naked in terrible, eye-popping detail.” “Watching him publicly attack his’screaming’ brother William, inferring that he bullied him out of Britain, then branding his father King Charles a liar, and even criticizing his grandmother, the late great Queen Elizabeth II for doing nothing to help him, made my stomach churn,” he added. “Watching him publicly attack his’screaming’ brother William, inferring that he bullied him out of Britain.”

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According to what Morgan said, what was “really infuriating” was witnessing Harry “feed a false but immensely destructive narrative that Britain is a racist society with a racist royal family at its top.” Morgan added that this was the most frustrating aspect of the situation.

“How could this dreadfully privileged halfwit, who at one time was so proud to serve – with bravery and honor, it must be stated – his Queen and nation in the armed services, become such a cold-hearted traitor to both of them?” Morgan questioned.

In addition, he criticized the two individuals for “spewing ceaseless poisonous venom at their family and causing immense fury and grief in the process to others,” as well as for “creating accumulating harm to an institution that they joyfully sell off while they berate, defame, and belittle it.”

It is reasonable to assume that Morgan’s opinion of the pair has not been altered as a result of seeing the documentary series. Instead, it most likely made his already indifferent attitude toward them even more apparent.

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