In Houston, a man seen dancing on top of an 18-wheeler․․ You won’t believe when you see what happened to him next

The 18-wheeler’s driver was unaware that the man was dancing and maybe filming himself atop the trailer, according to authorities.

According to police, a man who was dancing on top of a tractor-trailer as it sped along a Texas interstate died after being thrown off the truck..,

The 25-year-old “jumped or climbed” onto the truck’s trailer as it went down Eastex Freeway on Thursday morning, according to a statement released Monday by the Houston Police Department’s Vehicular Crimes Division..․

According to the announcement, the driver was unaware that someone was on top of the moving truck. The individual was dancing and “maybe taping himself,” according to the police…

The man reportedly slid off the trailer and into the highway when the truck passed beneath an overpass.

The captured footage of the man was uploaded to social media. In one clip, he can be seen ducking beneath an overpass before rising to his feet seconds later. The clip ends prior to the truck crossing another overpass.. ..

People who observed the distressing episode posted Facebook remarks about it.

“I observed a twisted body with a shattered neck and arm. It was a terrible way to start the day “Crystal Davis commented on the topic. .

“And I took the time to convey the visuals since it was a horrific experience for myself and everyone else present. EVERYONE had an expression of “why?” Why did this need to occur?”

Gabriela Diaz added, “I was around four cars behind and could not believe what I was seeing; my palm covered my mouth in astonishment and despair.”

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According to authorities, the individual was transported to a local hospital where he was subsequently confirmed dead…․,

KHOU, a CBS affiliate, said that the driver of the 18-wheeler was stopped and questioned by police, but no charges were filed…

The deceased man’s name has not been made public pending confirmation by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences…

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the incident is the subject of an ongoing investigation.

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