It took a long time for Tia Mowry’s husband to get her permission to kiss her…

Tia Mowry, a former cast member of “Sister Sister,” is wed to actor Cory Hardrict. After fourteen years of marriage, the pair still schedules date nights to maintain their chemistry.

Hollywood A-listers Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict, who is also an actor, got married. In the 1990s, Hardrict began his acting career on TV shows like “ER,” “Smart Guy,” and “Felicity.”

Alongside actress Drew Barrymore, he made his acting debut in the classic film “Never Been Kissed” in 1999. Hardrict had appearances in movies like “Cold Case,” “Pacific Blue,” and “The District” throughout the 2000s.

The native of Chicago went on to star in “Hollywood Horror” with his wife Mowry in 2009, and he also had an appearance in “He’s Just Not The Into You” that same year.

She and her twin sister Tamera were traveling through Los Angeles when they came upon Hardrict and Mowry, who were both working in the same area. Hardrict recalled it to Essence, saying:

“When her sister and her passed by in their car and they saw me waiting, they offered to drive me. I was in the city. We became pals when they provided me a ride.”

Before they made the decision to give romance a shot in 2000, the “All American: Homecoming” star sought his future wife for a whole year in 1999. To be sure they were truly interested in one another, the couple waited a long time. Mowry informed OK! In 2013:

“I simply resisted. In order to ensure that this was something distinctive and authentic, we refrained from being active and stopped doing anything for a while.”

The pair welcomed friends along when they went on dates. The “Twitches” star revealed, “We waited a year to kiss.” On Christmas Eve 2006, Hardrict got down on one knee in front of her family. The Four Seasons in Santa Barbara, California is where the couple exchanged vows.

In February 2021, the couple shared the secret to their almost ten-year marriage during an interview on “People the TV Show.” According to Mowry, neither she nor her husband place much emphasis on particular gender roles in their home:

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“Since we have been doing this for years, I will be completely honest and say that we don’t concentrate on particular gender roles. Intended to imply that women should only do one thing, followed by men, who should only do one thing. At our house, everyone contributes.”

The couple tries to impart the same values in their two children, a son named Cree and a girl named Cairo. Hardrict revealed that their home is a loving one.

We strive to instill in our children the idea that having excellence at home may spread to the outside world, which is what improves it.

When Cree, Hardrict and Mowry’s son, was born in June 2011, they experienced parenthood for the first time. Cree frequently appears on his mother’s Instagram feed. In a 2016 interview with People, the “The Game” veteran raved about her child’s characteristics as he approached his fifth birthday:

“His individuality is beginning to emerge and flourish, in my opinion. He’s incredibly hilarious, thoughtful, and loving. Even his teacher wrote me a note expressing how considerate of other people’s feelings he is, noting that they truly don’t see that in children.”

While watching “Sister Sister” with her son in September 2020, Mowry stated on Twitter that Cree is a fan of the 1994 sitcom as well.

The Disney Channel star broke down in tears in a video he made in March 2022 informing Cree that he had been admitted to his dream school.

The admission of her son to the aforementioned school was a dream come true for them both, according to Mowry, who wrote that as a mother, her objective is to constantly support and provide her children chances that she never had as a child.

Another piece of good news was revealed by Mowry and Hardrict in November 2017 when it was revealed that they were expecting their second child together. In May 2018, their daughter Cairo was born.

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The mother-daughter team has bonded in the kitchen multiple times, with Cairo helping to develop dishes. The mother posted a collage on Instagram in honor of the child when she turned three in May 2021.

Mowry thought back on her decision to have a second child and expressed her gratitude for her persistence in trying for a sibling:

“Cairo is my adorable baby girl. It was never simple for me to have kids. Perhaps it explains why I put off trying to play a second round for so long. I’ll be honest with you: I’m so glad I persisted!”

Having a husband who shares her ideals makes Mowry happy as well. She acknowledged waiting to have an intimate relationship with Hardrict while making an appearance on “Larry King” with her sister Tamera.

The “Family Reunion” actress claimed that she desired a commitment and did not date merely for the sake of dating. She waited because she wanted to make sure her future husband was committed to her.

According to Mowry, Hardrict shares her love of God and is a man of faith, who spoke to in October 2012. She is the same way, thus it’s critical that he possess that quality. She described him as having self-assurance, having a nurturing nature, and being protective and kind.

“The Oath” actor asked for her permission before kissing her when they first started dating, and that’s how Mowry knew she had found the right man:

“He is such a gentleman and a sweetheart. My spouse and I are now even more in love than we were when we first met.”

The first kiss between the two was also delayed for a year. According to Mowry’s “Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix” YouTube channel, their first kiss was her favorite memory prior to meeting Hardrict:

It was in a park, and it was just so lovely.

When asked how Hardrict came to the conclusion that his wife was the one for him, he said that it was because Mowry was on his side when he went to Inglewood and had nothing to his name:

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I was quite poor and had nothing, yet she accepted things as it was and loved me for who I was. I had two pillow drawers to my name.

The “American Sniper” actor vowed to marry Mowry and purchase her a ring when he eventually achieved financial security.

Mowry had just ended a poor relationship at the time, and he was understanding of her need to take some time for herself rather than enter another relationship right away. “He never pushed a kiss on me or did anything similar. I simply thought that was great and cool “Mowry said.

She shed tears as she described how her spouse is her biggest supporter and how he taught her how to trust in herself. Hardrict said how he was waiting at a bus station with flip flops on when Mowry and her sister drove along and gave him a ride.

Date nights are another way the pair maintains their connection. According to Mowry, it’s crucial for partners in a relationship to continue making overtures to one another. They therefore go on dates at least once every week or every two weeks.

The mother of two also revealed the most thoughtful act Hardrict had ever performed for her. Mowry claimed that when they were still courting, he stopped her before she left the area after she had drinks with her companions.

She said, “He popped open his trunk and there were roses inside, so I stole the roses.” The “Instant Mom” star thought the action was nice. ” The duo enjoys hiking together and Mowry does yoga while they are together.

She said during a “What to Expect” podcast episode in October 2020 that they organize sex time into their busy schedules to avoid neglecting it, especially with kids around.

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