It was a union that damaged his reputation around the world… Jerry Lee Lewis’ child bride reveals details of their marriage

Married couples each have their own distinct stories to tell.

Some of them are based on fairy tales, encouraging people to find true love and live happily ever after.

Others, such as Jerry Lee Lewis’s union with his cousin who is 13 years old, are tragic.

It seemed like a dream to Myra Williams,

On December 12, 1957, the pair decided to wed.
They felt it was normal.

Others, however, felt that there was something wrong with their marriage.

First of all, Myra had just turned 13 years old.

She also happened to be his third wife and cousin.

The wedding happened before his second divorce was legally finalized, which made matters even more complicated.

Myra described reaching significant milestones when she was young in an interview.

She married at age 13 and gave birth to her first child at age 14.
She did, however, miscarry her firstborn at the age of 17. She had her second kid at age 19.

Yes, being a wife and mother as a teenager was difficult, she recalled. But by persevering, I’ve discovered my inner fortitude. At this moment, very little can dislodge me from my position.

The career of Jerry Lee Lewis was anticipated to take off before their marriage.

He was referred to as “Rock & Roll’s first great wild man” and “The Killer.”

He is regarded as one of the pioneers of the rockabilly genre and is also a pianist and songwriter.

Jerry’s career was changed by one inquiry.

He and his group were scheduled to embark on a British Tour in May 1958.

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He received strong advice not to bring his wife to the UK before they departed. But he didn’t pay attention.

Everything was going smoothly until a reporter enquired as to Mary’s identity.

She genuinely informed them that she was Jerry’s wife.

Jerry’s career struck rock bottom as a result of her response.

“I was the terrible thing in his life,” Mary said. His career began to take off as a result of our marriage. You should be aware that everything you did at the time was scrutinized. His music was no longer being played on radio stations. His label even stopped advertising him. She overcome the obstacles despite what other people thought.

“I was referred to as the child bride, but Jerry was the child, and I was the adult,” she said. When I think back on that, I wonder how a 13-year-old can defend themselves. There is simply no acceptable defense for that.

She stated the following with regards to her duties:

“I did all the work, made all the judgments, ran the business, took care of it, and did stuff like that.

In 1970, the couple got a divorce.

Mary filed a claim citing adultery and abuse.

But their daughter helped them stay in touch over the years. Mary soon after got remarried.

They are retired and have a real estate business. On October 28, 2022, Jerry Lee Lewis passed away.

In the video below, you can learn more about Myra and Jerry Lee Lewis’ union:

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