Jeff Bridges has reached the age of 73, and he wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for his wife of 45 years, who insisted that the doctors save him…

On December 4, 2022, Jeff Bridges celebrated his 73rd birthday alongside Susan Geston, the woman he has been married to for the past 45 years and who he adores. In addition to having an amazing career in Hollywood, the actor was a devoted family guy who cherished his wife and children.

The actor who played King Kong was also one of the few celebrities to have a marriage that was considered to be one of the longest in Hollywood. Jeff and Geston have been married since 1977, and their relationship appears to be moving from strength to strength.

Born on December 4, 1949, the “Masked and Anonymous” actor met his future wife in Chico Hot Springs, which is located just outside of Livingston, Montana, while they were filming “Rancho Montana” in 1975. During one of the scenarios, his gaze was drawn to a stunning young woman who had a fractured nose and both of her eyes darkened.

He wasn’t sure if she worked as a waitress or a maid, but despite the fact that she was injured (which, as he would find out later, was the result of an accident), he thought she was absolutely stunning. For Jeff, it was love at first sight, but for Geston, it was more complicated than that.

After a long day of work, the actor from “The Fisher King” worked up the nerve to ask her out, but she declined both of his requests. “No,” she replied, “it’s a little town; maybe we’ll run into each other later.” She went on to explain that the town was quite compact.

Later arrived far sooner than the star of “Tron: Legacy” had anticipated, and only a few days after their first meeting, the two were seen dancing the night away at the wrap party, where they eventually fell in love with one another.

They tied the knot on June 5, 1977, and have enjoyed a blissful marriage for the past four decades, which culminated in the birth of their three daughters: Hayley Roselouise, Isabelle Bridges Boesch, and Jessica Lily. The actor from “Crazy Heart” was quoted as saying:

“We are aware that we will go through our own stuff and face challenging times, but we are doing this together.”

Jeff’s decision to spend the remainder of his life with the right person was one of the best decisions he’s made over the years. When the actor from “Iron Man” had some concerns about his health, his wife was a source of support for him.

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There were no problems in the marriage between Jeff and Geston, particularly in terms of helping each other get through the difficulties of life. In the year 2020, the actor was given a diagnosis with cancer, which was one of these challenges.

On October 20, 2020, the famous actor took to Twitter to share the tragic news that he had been diagnosed with lymphoma, a type of blood cancer. His heartbreaking message read:

“My doctor has determined that I have lymphoma. Even though it is a terrible illness, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have such an amazing medical team by my side, and the outlook is positive.”

After that, he informed those who followed him that he would soon be beginning therapy and that he would keep them informed of his progress. Jeff sent an analogous message on his Instagram account, in which he thanked his family for their love and support and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to them.

Geston revealed the news of the diagnosis, adding that after it they had numbness but that they immediately began taking the necessary steps. Soon after, the actor started the chemotherapy treatment, and not long after that, they made the announcement that the tumor had started to shrink.

Jeff would frequently provide his fans and followers with updates on his improvements, such as letting them know when he obtained a new puppy, shaved his head, or celebrated his 71st birthday. The one thing that didn’t change was the unwavering love he had for his wife through everything that happened, but regrettably, he was soon facing issues of life and loss.

Up until the point where a report from the doctor altered everything, everything was going swimmingly and Jeff’s health had made significant progress. One month after beginning chemotherapy, in January 2021, the celebrity patient received a notification from his health provider informing him that he may have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus while receiving treatment at the facility.

He had a compromised immune system as a result of the chemo, which led to the virus severely impacting him. He tested positive for the virus. The actor said that he had no defenses and nothing left in his immune system to combat the virus, adding that he had nothing left in his immune system to fight the infection.

It was a struggle for his life, and Geston was inconsolable because she had no idea whether or not her husband would make it out alive. The unhappy president appeared to be in for some unpleasant news as the news from the hospital began to trickle in one by one.

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Geston realized that she needed to do everything in her power to assist her husband after receiving a phone call from the hospital informing her that her husband will be placed on a ventilator. She immediately began pressuring the doctors to perform at their highest level.

Because Jeff was unable to make decisions regarding his own medical treatment during his tough stay in the hospital, his wife and doctor had to take charge and make those decisions on his behalf. Geston was able to recall:

“I pleaded with you to “save his life.” No matter what it is that you are required to perform.’”

The medical staff was ultimately successful in weaning the actor off of the ventilator, which signifies that their efforts to save his life were ultimately rewarded. The actor most known for his role in “Fearless” recalled a time when he was very near to passing away while his teammates yelled at him to keep fighting.

On the other hand, he was completely devoid of any remaining fighting spirit. After Geston’s husband had given up and felt he was ready to leave, he reflected on the terrifying event and conveyed the following:

“As I moved, I became more aware of my own loss.”

When he was on the verge of passing away, it was his wife who fought to keep him alive, and he was grateful to her for that. They had triumphed over not one but two conditions that posed a threat to their lives, and they had done so together; Geston was there for him once more when he set his sights on another objective.

In November of 2022, Jeff admitted to having a combination of cancer and COVID-19, which “exacerbated” the feelings of love he had for his family, which included his wife, whom he referred to as “Sue,” their three daughters, and several grandchildren. Jeff also admitted that he had a number of grandchildren.

Hayley, his youngest daughter, was getting married, and “The Vanishing” star was adamant that he would be able to walk her down the aisle. First, he had to determine how long he could stay standing, and his best time was 45 seconds at the beginning of the process.

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Isabelle Bridges Boesch, the other daughter of Jeff Bridges, mentioned that learning to dance was a significant part of the Bridges family tradition in an Instagram post that she wrote.

His second objective was to determine how far he could walk while still carrying his oxygen tank by counting the number of steps he took. Jeff began working with a trainer, and as his walks got longer each day, he started to believe that he might actually be able to complete the marathon one day.

Not only did the “Tron” star accompany Hayley down the aisle, but he also shared her first dance with her after the ceremony! During the slow dance, which was set to “Ain’t That Love” by Ray Charles, the actor reflected on how fantastic the experience had been.

When you consider that he was once unable to walk without the assistance of others, his accomplishments are truly remarkable. However, keeping his mind on his daughter’s wedding in the summer helped him get through the rehabilitation process.

Geston admitted that her secret wish was to wake up one day and find that her husband had gotten out of bed, was walking, and was leading a normal life. She had the impression that the VNA Health care staff encouraged him to work toward his objectives.

Joy was brought to the celebrity’s wife as she was able to watch her husband dance and carry their daughter down the aisle. A few times after he danced with his daughter at her wedding, Isabelle, the daughter of the actor from “The Big Lebowski,” tweeted two photographs of her father teaching his granddaughter how to dance!

The second daughter of Jeff Bridges mentioned in a post she made on Instagram that learning to dance is a significant part of the Bridges family history. The fact that Geston’s spouse didn’t take anything for granted and was aware of how fortunate he was to be alive is evidenced by the following quote from him:

“Love is the currency here.”

He was motivated to maintain his good health by the fact that he had a sizable family to care for, and he did everything in his power to make the most of his life. I’d like to wish the happy couple many more years of happiness together as well as a happy birthday to Jeff.

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