John Stamos burst into tears while confessing Jodie Sweetin helped him in his worst situation. Watch his speech below…

The most of us will be familiar with Jodie Sweetin as the actress who played Stephanie Tanner in Full House alongside John Stamos as Uncle J. But beyond what we witnessed on television, the two have a unique friendship.

The two are so close that Stamos admitted she supported him during his years-long battle with addiction, which he kept hidden from the world for many years.

When Sweetin accepted the Experience, Strength and Hope Award for her memoir unSweetined at the Writers in Treatment awards ceremony, the disclosure was made. Stamos spoke at the event and detailed how Sweetin had supported him throughout his battle with addiction.

It is well known that Sweetin battled addiction for some time. The actress has been clean for more than ten years and is currently 37. She earned a degree in drugs and alcohol counseling after conquering her addiction, and as of recent revelation, she also supported Stamos during his battle with substance misuse.

Stamos remarked, “It took me a long time, a long time to let everyone who loved me down, culminating in a catastrophic DUI where I could have murdered someone.” “I struck my lowest point.”

He admitted that Sweetin was the only person in his life at the time who had the ability to connect with him and aid in his sobriety.

He said, “Jodie kindly permitted me to take my own way and when I at last humbled myself to beg for your guidance, I realized that the cheerful little blabbermouth had become the master of wisdom and was right by my side during some of the most trying days of my life.

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The 55-year-old described how Sweetin set up 12-step meetings at his house and on the Full House set. The actor recently welcomed his first child with wife Caitlin and gave Sweetin credit for his family’s knowledge of his sobriety.

Thank God, I’ll only be a sober husband and father to my wife and new boy, he remarked. “In my life, this is Jodie’s legacy.”

Watch his speech below:

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