Lizzy Caplan discusses the possibility of making a “Mean Girls” movie and expresses her excitement over the “Return of Lindsay Lohan”…

Even if she isn’t entirely certain that there is more to tell with the characters from the smash comedy from 2004, Lizzy Caplan would be interested in appearing in another Mean Girls film.

The 40-year-old actress who has been nominated for an Emmy discussed the prospect of playing the character of Janis Ian again in a potential sequel with Grazia USA, stating that she wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to do so, despite the fact that she is unsure whether or not a sequel is even required.

During an interview and cover shot for the winter issue of the fashion publication, the actor who plays Fleishman in Fleishman Is in Trouble said, “Of course, I would want to be a part of it; I would be an idiot not to join.” “However, it seems to me that Mean girl had a pretty terrific beginning, middle, and ending all the way through. What comes next in the story is a mystery to me.”

Lindsay Lohan, who co-starred with Caplan in the first Mean Girls, has made it clear that she would want to see the franchise continue. She told Andy Cohen in April 2020 that “it would be my dream to come back and do a sequel.”

Since then, Lohan has made her comeback to acting with her holiday film Falling for Christmas, which is streaming on Netflix. Caplan is all about this comeback. “The news that Lindsay Lohan will be making her comeback has my full support. I’m just pumped, “Caplan stated to Grazia USA. “When she was working as a kid and a young adult, she was such a tremendous talent, so I’m delighted to see that she’s going back to the industry,” the actor said.

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The story of Mean Girls, which follows a fresh high school student who becomes friends with an elite clique known as The Plastics, is a favorite among fans and has acquired a large and dedicated cult following ever since it was first broadcast more than 18 years ago.

In 2011, a standalone sequel to Mean Girls was broadcast for the first time on ABC Family (which is now known as Freeform), before it was released on home video directly. The film had an entirely new cast, with the exception of Tim Meadows, who played the part of Principal Ron Duvall once again.

The stage musical adaption of Mean Girls, which was nominated for a Tony Award in 2018, is currently being adapted into a new Mean Girls film, which is currently in production. The new movie, which will have music composed by Fey’s husband, Jeff Richmond, and lyrics written by Nell Benjamin, was written by Fey once again, who also penned the script. Arturo Perez Jr. and Samantha Jayne, who are a husband-and-wife partnership, have agreed to helm the movie.

The movie adaptation of Mean Girls: The Musical has not yet disclosed its cast members, nor has a release date been set.

While everything was going on, the normally reserved Caplan opened up about her personal life in another part of her Grazia USA interview. She discussed the benefits of being in the same industry as her actor husband Tom Riley.

The former cast member of Freaks & Geeks stated, “I like having common ground.” “It’s nice to be able to talk to my spouse about anything that went down on set, and he’ll have a perfect understanding of what I’m referring to,” the actress said.

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“The trade-off is that you’re both in such an unpredictable line of work, and of course, it has its highs and lows,” she said. “The trade-off is that you’re both in such an unpredictable line of work.” “But for me, there isn’t even a question as to whether or not gaining the comprehension that comes with it is worth all of the other things.”

In May 2016, Caplan and Riley, both aged 36, announced their engagement. One year after they initially met in January 2015 while Caplan was filming in London, the couple made their red carpet debut at the Prague Opera Ball in February 2016, exactly one year after their first public appearance together on the carpet.

The actress from “Fatal Attraction,” who is now the mother of a young boy named Alfie who is 13 months old, recently discussed how she has absolutely no regrets about having her first kid at the age of 39. She stated, “We had a lot of life experience before we had a kid, so we were both extremely ready to do this.” “We got a lot of life in before we had a kid,” she said. “And it’s just so much more mind-blowing and amazing than anything you could possibly imagine it being before you actually do it. Our experiences have led us to believe that.”

The woman who is both a wife and a mother has stated that her followers will not find her sharing her experiences on social media because she prefers to live in the moment rather than capture it on social media.

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Caplan stated that as a result of it, “everything is worse in the world, and everybody is more unhappy in general.” “I believe that it is causing all of us to become much more inward, as well as glancing and isolated. I never liked it; I still kind of don’t like it, and now I just feel like a dinosaur. However, there is a part of me that believes I will be shown to be correct, or that everyone will just come to the conclusion that they need to erase their social media accounts. So, we’ll see.”

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