Man is Desperate to Meet Lotto Deadline And Stranger Does This… You Wouldn’t Expect Such Behavior From a Stranger․․․

Thanks to a kind stranger, a man and his fiancee are now worth $1 million.

Last week, Arron Walshaw really wanted to buy a ticket for the Lotto Millionaire Raffle before it ended.

When he quickly went into a shop in Osset, West Yorkshire, he walked up to the counter and had to wait behind a woman who had gone to the cashier before him.

When the woman saw that Walshaw was nervous, she told him to go ahead of her. He bought a raffle ticket with two minutes to spare. He told the woman thank you and left.

The next day, Walshaw and his fiancee, Ceri Hall, went about their business and ran a few errands.

The two spent some time at home counting pennies to see if they had enough money to go camping for the weekend. Then, they looked at their lottery app and saw that they had won £1,000,000 ($1,305,000).

“There were a lot of pennies lying around the house, and that night we just decided to count them all,” says Hall.

“We were happy to find out that we had more than £50 in pennies. The plan was to go camping with that. But all of that was wrong when we checked our ticket later.”

Walshaw and Hall both think that they wouldn’t have won if the woman hadn’t let him cut in front of her.

“She must have seen that I was in a hurry because she made me go first. What a lucky break that turned out to be,” Walshaw said.

“If she hadn’t let me go first, I don’t think I would have had time to buy my ticket. We’d love to see her again and thank her for making a difference in our lives.

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The money will help the couple buy their first home together, and it’s all because a kind woman let a stranger go ahead of her in line.

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