Man Suffers Traumatic Neck Injury During ‘Freak Accident’. See what happened with him and…

A Florida man is battling for his life after a pre-wedding vacation with his future bride took a disastrous turn…

Two weeks before their wedding, Kelly Drake and her fiancé Armani Alicea were involved in a serious white water rafting accident, according to Drake’s best friend Gabrielle Yontz and a GoFundMe campaign created by a family friend, Kelly Kinsler Delmotte.,.

The couple, whom Delmotte was hosting in Tennessee, was rafting down the Ocoee River on Tuesday when things turned sour.

“About halfway through the journey, the raft collided with a rock, creating an enormous jolt,” Delmotte wrote on the fundraising page.

“The T-handle of Armani’s oar struck him in the neck, immediately rupturing his carotid artery and forcing him to bleed to death.”

According to GoFundMe, the “unfortunate freak accident” resulted in Alicea being airlifted to Erlanger Trauma Center in Chattanooga, where he was “on life support and unresponsive.”

Two days later, Delmotte sent an update stating that the Florida man, who shares Gigi, a 23-month-old daughter, with Drake, remained in serious condition and was experiencing brain enlargement and seizure activity.

Because the couple, who are in their twenties, was distant from home and all of their relatives, Delmotte claimed she created the GoFundMe to help them with medical and living needs.,.

Delmotte noted on the page, “Kelly and Armani’s family have a long road ahead.”

“Not only will their medical expenses be exorbitant, but their predicament is further compounded by the fact that they are out of state.”

“They have no family in Tennessee and must pay for hotel accommodations, food, and other expenses,” she continued. “Please continue to assist this adorable family… Every effort counts!”

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Hundreds of friends and family members have contributed to the GoFundMe, which has raised over $27,000 thus far.

“We offer up prayers for Armani and his lovely family. He is a cherished member of the USAA family and a vital member of the Renegades team “One individual commented on the page.

Someone else wrote, “I’m terribly sad this has occurred.” “Armani is in the Hands of God and will be cared for.

Kelly is a stunning individual on the inside and out, and her family is adorable. Many prayers and sincere affection for this cherished family.”

Additionally, loved ones expressed their sorrow on Facebook and wished the couple well wishes.

Yontz wrote in her article that the couple was on a “pre-wedding trip when a terrible freak tragedy occurred” and that Alicea’s life is now “in grave danger.,.”

She said in the post, “If you knew Kelly Drake and Armani, you would realize what incredible people they are.”

“The most attractive pair with a remarkable two-year-old girl. Kelly and Armani would help anyone, even if they did not know them.”

“Their wedding is scheduled for two weeks from now,” she said. “My heart is entirely torn, and I am utterly heartbroken for what my closest buddy must endure.”

She continued, “She is the strongest lady, handling everything with such grace while placing her load in God’s hands.”

“Alice is a fighter who would pray for anyone who ever had to endure such a dreadful situation… Be cautious, and embrace your loved ones extra tightly.”

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