Master Chef Junior Star Ben Watkins Dles at 14

Master Chef Junior Star Ben Watkins Dles at 14

Ben Watkins, a star of MasterChef Junior, has sadly passed away at the age of 14. Trent A. McCain, an attorney, posted the following statement on behalf of the family on social media. Part of the letter sent by Ben’s maternal grandmother and uncle says.

We have amazed at Ben’s fortitude, resilience, and love for life after losing both of his parents in September 2017. He never once voiced a complaint. Ben is the most courageous person we know and will always be. Message from the Watkins family.

#Love4Ben Published on Tuesday, November 17, 2020 by Trent A. McCain. A rare tumour that can affect younger people, angiomatoid fibrous hi’stiocyto’ma, was the cause of his d’eath five months following the diagnosis. His angiomatoid fi’brous histiocytoma.

a soft tissue tu-mour that generally affects children and young people, was treated with chemotherapy last summer. At the time, according to his family, he was one of just six people worldwide to receive such a rare diagnosis. According to the Chicago Tribune.

Ben told his uncle Anthony Edwards that the discomfort and his challenging therapies made him feel as though he were being tortured. Only six persons have received a diagnosis of the condition worldwide, including him. Leila Edwards and Mike Watkins, Watkins’ parents, di’ed in a mu’rder-sulclde in 2017.

Following the tr’agedy, supporters of Watkins created the #Love4Ben campaign, which helped them raise almost $30,000. Our sympathies are currently with Watkins’ family. His memorial fund has been established by the family on GoFundMe.

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