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For eight years, Matthew McConaughey couldn’t trust or talk to his mom. His mother shared his private information to unrelated parties in the hope that he would not find out about it. Years later, Matthew finally had the courage to forgive his parent and even relocated for the sake of his mother.

Matthew McConaughey, a famous actor in Hollywood, grew up in a “loving” but violent home. His parents were always at odds with each other and would fight a lot.

In a sit-down interview with Willie Geist, the host of “TODAY,” actor Matthew McConaughey told the truth about his childhood, which he wrote about in his book “Greenlights.”

He went back to his hometown and looked through old photos and diaries that he had saved since he was fourteen. Then Matthew went to a cabin in the middle of nowhere to look over them and put them into a book he called “Greenlights.” His life story is told in the book.

When asked how he felt before reading the diaries, the movie star said he was afraid of “embarrassment and shame”. But Matthew laughed at something he thought he would be ashamed of. The actor discovered that he had forgiven himself for the things he had believed he would be embarrassed of.

When Matthew was asked when he first became aware that he might share the story of his life with the world, he said that the more personal he made the telling of his experience, the more people would be able to relate to it.

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The actor most known for his role in “The Gentlemen” was raised in Texas with his two brothers. Matthew said he grew up in a loving family, but he had a traumatic childhood. His parents, James McConaughey and Mary McCabe, were violent with each other and with him as well.

The Oscar winner wrote in his book that even though his parents loved each other very much, they created a toxic environment, which scared him:

“The love was real, but it was bloody sometimes but never in question.”

He admitted, though, that he is not rearing his own children “the same way my parents raised me.” According to Matthew, his mother read the book and informed him that although everything he wrote was true, he could have at least included details of the family’s happy moments.

He also said that his parents had gone through two divorces and three remarriages. Matthew said that if their love for each other had not been strong enough, they would have divorced three times.

Matthew said that his mother would readily acknowledge that she was the one who often began conflicts and that his father was attempting to calm things down.

Matthew’s father died from a heart attack in 1993.

When Matthew became a real movie star, his mother made it her business to tell everyone everything she knew about him. She even told the press things that were private. Because of this, they fought a lot.

She let a TV crew into their family home, showed them around, and told them that he lost his virginity in one of the rooms.

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Matthew was a guest on “The Stern Howard Show” in October 2020, and he was honest about that time. He told everyone that he hadn’t talked to his mother for eight years.

But he told her that if she kept telling the press things like that, she could ruin his career. Matthew’s last straw was when he saw his mom show the American tabloid TV show “Hard Copy” around their house and talk about what he did as a teenager.

After the experience, Matthew made the decision to keep his mother less informed about what was going on in his life due to the fact that she “became a different person.”

Even though it happened, the star of “Magic Mike” said that his mother is “not perfect,” but he forgave her after he got back to work and settled down. Matthew said that he had to set “some boundaries” because their relationship had been “tough” for those eight years.

However, in January of 2017, ABC News reported that her youngest son Matthew had relocated to Austin, Texas, with his wife and children in order to be closer to his mother.

In January 2022, when Matthew went on the talk show “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” he said that his mother had moved in with him and his family and had been living with them for two years. He said she liked living with them and told him she would stay there until she died. McCabe’s sons helped her celebrate turning 90 with a party.

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