Mom Passes Away After Saving Her 12-Year-Old Son’s Life in a House Fire: “Awesome Individual All Around”

Monday night in Camden, New York, a mom sadly perished while attempting to save her son from a fatal house fire, according to local media and family members.

Family members told the Daily Sentinel that Brittany Jones, 35, inhabited the residence with her husband, Aaron, and their 12-year-old kid.

Aaron’s sibling commented on a GoFundMe page set up by family members, “The loss of a family member can never be replaced.” “My brother’s wife passed away. My nephew’s mother passed away.

She ensured that her son escaped the burning home in order to save his life. Money is currently the least of their concerns. However, they’ve lost everything. They only have the clothing on their backs.”

According to reports, multiple local fire agencies fought the blaze for several hours before bringing it under control. Authorities verified to the Daily Sentinel that the couple’s son, identified on GoFundMe as Anthony, was able to escape, but his mother’s death was located inside the residence.

Monday evening, as family members gathered in front of the house, they hoped to see Brittany emerge.

Kayla Svereika, Brittany’s sister-in-law, told CNY Central, “You hold to the hope that she’s okay, because nobody wanted to believe that she was not okay.”

According to CNY Central, a first responder informed the couple that Brittany did not make it out of the house, but rather spent her final moments assuring the couple’s son would survive.․․

“In everything she did, she was a formidable opponent,” Svereiki told the newspaper. She didn’t accomplish something halfway; she completed it entirely,,.

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In a Tuesday Facebook post, the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office — which did not immediately reply to a request for comment — stated that deputies and the Camden Police Department responded to the blaze at 9:45 p.m. on Monday.

“The house was completely consumed when deputies and village police arrived around three minutes after hearing the call,” they said.

“When they arrived, they discovered that a resident may still be inside the residence. Firefighters later identified a victim thought to be a resident of the residence.”

Officials reported that sheriff’s investigators, members of the Sheriff’s ID Unit, and New York State Incident Investigators are determining the cause of the fire, which “does not appear suspicious.”

Jones’ family, according to CNY Central, believes the fire started in the garage.

Alexandra Hope, a family friend, was among those who wrote tributes to Jones following the tragedy.

“Brittany Jones’s devotion for her small family was immense,” Hope wrote on Facebook. “Every time you saw her, Anthony was by her side. Not only was she an outstanding mother, but she was also an outstanding individual.”

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