My husband is texting a woman half my age and see what happens..

After finding a’relationship’ between her 47-year-old husband and a younger lady, a middle-aged mother turned to fellow parents on Mumsnet for advice.

When she discovered her husband had been exchanging texts with a former coworker, a young woman in her twenties, she became concerned. “She used to work for him,” the woman explained, referring to her former boss.

Things weren’t going well between us at the time. He was in a bad attitude every day and didn’t even acknowledge me most nights.

The wife claims that the husband would “blame job stress” for his behavior at home. When he goes on to discuss how much fun he is having at work, he appears to show little awareness or sympathy for his wife.

“He then mentioned how much fun he had at work and how they “spent the entire day laughing.” He named a few coworkers, but this one (the girl) received the most attention.

I actually lost my cool with him because he kept referencing her.”

To the relief of the wife, who was growing anxious about the connection, the young woman left the company. “I assumed that was the end of it,” she continued.

Unfortunately for her, the duo kept talking, which is when the texting began: “[He] showed me his phone over the weekend, and I could see a communication between the two of them.

“Basically, she was asking him if he was coming to someone’s farewell party, and he answered no. All of this seems innocent enough, but why are they still in contact?

Especially because I had previously expressed reservations about her.”

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Many Mumsnet users who responded to the post in the comments section were blunt: “My DH [dear husband] has had female friends since before he retired, but the main difference is that I am friendly with them as well, and he has never come home and treated me like s****.”

Another commenter fired from both sides of the gun, writing: “Men appear to want to put little effort into long-term relationships, preferring to have a partner at home doing all of the grunt work and then allowing their heads to be turned by anyone carefree and fun, while still having the benefits of someone washing their pants and cleaning their toilets.

You are not incorrect to be irritated by this “.

Meanwhile, another Mumsnet user was blunt: “I think they’re both pathetic, she obviously likes the attention and he’s probably fantasising about her while telling himself he’s just a cool guy that young people want to be friends with.”

Others expressed their disagreement, with one arguing: “The age ranges at work are diverse.

I manage half my age’s staff, and a text from one of them asking if I was going to a leaving do is nothing, even if they’ve left. Former coworkers are still considered pals by those who have departed “.

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