Nine “Grandmothers” assemble on stage, but when Grandpa in the end begins to dance, the audience goes wild…

For events like this talent show, communities come together. They are frequently held in schools so that pupils may shine. The professors, however, intended to demonstrate during this talent exhibition that “grannies” may also be talented! Fortunately, Scott Reece recorded the performance and posted it to YouTube in 2016.

The amusing video features a group of teachers dancing to songs like Flo Rida’s Low while disguised as grandmas.

They were able to showcase their talent for the local community. They danced and demonstrated to everyone that even senior citizens can move to the music. A line of teachers in grandmother costumes entered the stage to set the scene. There looked to be another man in a grandpa costume at the end of the row.

The crowd began to wonder what was going to happen. You could sense their eagerness. The Golden Girls’ anthem started to play at that point. The audience clapped in approval as they entered, and the song Thank You for Being a Friend was booming. This facilitated the enjoyable performance.

Let’s Get it Started by the Black-Eyed Peas began to play at that point. As the dancing started, the audience applauded. Flo Rida’s song Low was playing when a few dancing “grannies” entered the spotlight.

To the beat, they swayed their hips and grooved. The crowd went crazy at that point. They changed to Silento’s Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae. The audience was obviously in love.

Just goes to show that these “grannies” know how to party and put on a great show even while using walkers and canes. The next performance was by Rihanna as a couple started to work their bodies.

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They held up their walking aids as if they didn’t give a damn. Wow, what an audience-pleasing performance by these elderly people. They danced their hearts out to the fantastic music. The audience loved them for it.

The scene with the “grandma” in the wheelchair followed. She descended to Wobble around V.I.C. She shifted and swayed as she danced with her partner. The entire theater resounded with laughter! The audience was ecstatic to see them all dancing and enjoying themselves.

The audience appeared to be supporting them as they left the stage. They took full pleasure in this amusing display. It makes you feel better to see folks enjoying a good time. See for yourself by watching the video. Your enjoyment of their performance is guaranteed.

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