People have controversial opinions about the father who trusted the crowd to to “pass” his newborn to Dwayne…

There are tame, wild, and even some fan events that you might find a little weird. But matter the event’s atmosphere, meeting your favorite star is an incredible experience!

Right, you probably think of raucous crowds when you hear the term “crowd surfing.” Typically, it takes place during boisterous concerts, such punk or rock. In this instance, The Rock experienced unique crowd surfing.

Because the crowd surfer—a stunning newborn girl wrapped in a pink blanket—is actually the father of the “owner,” this might seem dubious to some people.

The event took place in Mexico while The Rock was on a promotional trip for one of his most recent films. The Rock shared a clear video of the moment Luciana, the infant girl, was delicately delivered to him after momentarily crowd-surfing.

The little video has received approximately 19 million views on TikTok and 40 million on Instagram. The Rock writes in his essay that he wasn’t shocked when the infant was delivered to him because the father had already grabbed his eye before the crowd surfing took place.

When he raised her up high and motioned for me to hold her, her father “caught my attention because he had tears in his eyes,” the man claimed. He stated that he believed the father was just holding a doll as a present for the son.

The comments area is segregated on both platforms. Naturally, there are people who simply thought the video was fantastic and good for them, and there are those who expressed concern for the baby’s safety.

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“I get it, but that had to be terrible and hazardous for that baby,” as one commentator put it. When that father gets home, he’s going to have a lot to explain.

Watch the viral video here:

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