Pierce Brosnan Welcomes 4th Grandbaby — He Finds Grandparenthood ‘Intoxicating’ after Losing Loved Ones

Hollywood star Pierce Brosnan might have endured multiple heartbreaks throughout his life, but his current wife, Keely Shaye Smith, and his grandchildren brought back happiness into his life.

On November 17, 2022, Pierce took to Instagram to announce the birth of his fourth grandkid. Apart from sharing the boy’s unusual name and time of delivery, he posted a two-image carousel of the baby.

Jaxxon Elijah Brosnan was born at 3:06 p.m. on November 12, 2022. After pointing out that everything was okay and sending blessings to Jaxxon, Pierce congratulated his son, Sean Brosnan, daughter-in-law, Sanja Banic, and granddaughter, Marley, for the arrival of the new family member.

The first image the proud grandfather shared showed Jaxxon sleeping and wearing a black beanie hat. In the second picture, Jaxxon’s eyes were wide open as he was attentively staring at someone off-screen.

Actor Pierce Brosnan, wife Cassandra Harris, daughter Charlotte Harris and son Christopher Harris attend the First Annual Beverly Hills St. Patrick’s Day Parade Celebrity Brunch on March 17, 1985 at Jimmy’s Restaurant in Beverly Hills, California. | Source: Getty Images

Pierce Brosnan’s First Wife, Cassandra Harris

Unfortunately, Pierce’s life has not always been a walk in the park. In the 1970s, he met Australian actress Cassandra Harris. However, they only tied the knot in December 1980.

Three years later, their only son, Sean, was born. The family of three lived a happy life, but the dynamics changed in 1986 when Dermot Harris passed away. Dermot was Cassandra’s ex-partner, and they shared a daughter, Charlotte, and a son, Christopher.

Following Dermot’s passing, Pierce officially adopted Charlotte and Christopher, so they became a family of five. The kids got used to their new family right away, but things got complicated only one year later.

In 1987, Cassandra was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The news devastated the Brosnan household, but they did as much as possible to help Cassandra fight the illness from day one.

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Actor Pierce Brosnan, wife Cassandra Harris, daughter Charlotte Harris and Christopher Harris attend the “Cats” Opening Night Musical Performance on January 11, 1985 at the Shubert Theatre in Century City, California. | Source: Getty Images

Although challenging, Pierce never left Cassandra’s side. She underwent eight surgeries and multiple rounds of chemotherapy, which made her lose her hair and feel rotten.

Despite how sick the Australian actress felt, she tried her best to remain strong for her family and young children. She would watch from her chair as they shouted and somersaulted into the pool at home.

In December 1991, four years after receiving the dreadful cancer diagnosis, Cassandra passed away. She was 43 years old. From that point on, Pierce was a widowed single dad.

Actor Pierce Brosnan, girlfriend Keely Shaye Smith, his son Christopher Brosnan, his daughter Charlotte Brosnan and his mother May Smith attend the “Goldeneye” New York City Premiere Party on November 13, 1995 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. | Source: Getty Images

Pierce Finds Love Again

Although challenging, the “Black Adam” star didn’t give up and remained strong for his kids. He considered parenthood a huge but satisfying responsibility, and he raised his children alone while coping with his wife’s death for the next ten years.

After that time, he found love again in journalist Keely Shaye Smith, his current wife. After dating for a while, the pair walked down the aisle in 2001 and welcomed two children, Paris and Dylan.

A few years later, the “Mamma Mia” actor also became a grandfather for the first time after Charlotte welcomed two kids, Isabella and Lucas, with her husband, Alex Smith.

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Actor Pierce Brosnan (left) and daughter Charlotte arrives at The Orange British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs) at the Odeon Leicester Square on February 19, 2006 in London, England. | Source: Getty Images

Tragedy Strikes Again

Pierce appeared to have finally found happiness after so many years. However, destiny had another tragedy prepared for the Brosnans. On June 28, 2013, Charlotte died to ovarian cancer, the same illness that claimed her mother’s life.

She was only 41, and her death meant that Isabel and Lucas had become semi-orphans. It was heartbreaking for Pierce as his daughter’s death brought back painful memories. Following Charlotte’s death, the actor released a statement that read:

“On June 28 at 2 pm, my darling daughter, Charlotte Emily, passed on to eternal life, having succumbed to ovarian cancer. She was surrounded by her husband Alex, children Isabella and Lucas, and brothers, Christopher and Sean.”

Pierce added that Charlotte battled her illness with grace, humility, courage, and dignity. After confessing how sad he and his family felt about her demise, the actor prayed for her soul and that a cure for “this wretched disease” could be available.

Following Charlotte’s passing, many family members opened up about how much of a fantastic person she was and how she made a significant impact on her children, one of which was Charlotte’s close friend, Claire Beckwith. She noted:

“To their mommy, Bella and Lucas were absolutely the pinnacle. They have always got that for the rest of their life, that their mom just worshiped them.”

Actor Pierce Brosnan, son Christopher Brosnan and daughter Charlotte Brosnan attend the 49th Annual Golden Globe Awards on January 18, 1992 at Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. | Source: Getty Images

Beckwith confessed that Charlotte wanted to give her family as much love as possible and was devoted to them. Other family friends like Nancy Ellison also revealed that Charlotte was a bubbly, gorgeous, and almost goofy girl.

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Indeed, losing such a soul was tragic for the entire Brosnan family. But, while still grieving for his daughter, Pierce would receive good news. He had become a grandfather for the third time as his oldest son, Sean, welcomed a child, Marley May, with his wife, Sanja Banic.

Pierce’s Life as a Granddad

After many complicated years filled with grief and happy moments, Pierce has come to appreciate life and the time spent with his family.

Besides being a doting dad, the actor cherishes having grandkids. He once described himself as a “proud grandfather.” Pierce has often spoken candidly about his grandchildren and how much he loves them.

In an April 2017 episode of “Live With Kelly and Ryan,” the proud grandfather opened up about his adorable little granddaughter, Marley. In Pierce’s words:

“She just melts my heart. Such a joy to be a grandparent. There is just something intoxicating about it and beautiful.”

Afterward, Kelly asked the actor if it was possible to love grandchildren more than children, and Pierce replied in the affirmative. He noted that it was so because of the time his grandkids arrived.

According to the Hollywood icon, grandchildren were born when one knew they were getting older. Hence the need to cherish those special moments with them.

Despite his busy schedule, Pierce ensures he spends time with his grandchildren. In February 2017, he was spotted cradling Marley while walking with the little girl’s parents.

Fans are joyful to see that the actor is finally in a happy place. Hopefully, the smiles on his face will remain intact for a very long time, especially with Jaxxon Elijah Brosnan’s arrival.