Police officers are caught on camera secretly dancing up a storm in the office elevator…

The joy of dancing is felt by individuals everywhere. Feeling the music and dancing, whether it’s a waltz or a rumba, is one of the happiest things one can do. One of the nicest past times thus far has been watching individuals groove on social media because it has been said that dancing is an eternal representation of life.

It’s fun to watch professional dancers perform, including celebrities like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Chris Brown. This is especially true considering how accomplished they are and how they incorporate theatrics to amplify their performances.

However, what has been exciting recently is when uniformed individuals, such as soldiers or even police officers, who are often austere, restrained, and serious, bust a move.

Tony Scherb, an El Paso County Sheriff’s Deputy, gained notoriety online seven years ago when a video of him dancing in an elevator went viral to mark his impending retirement from the force after 29 years of service.

El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado Springs, Colorado, published a video on January 30, 2016, demonstrating that even policemen can have fun occasionally.

Everyone anticipated collecting serious video footage after installing a camera in the office elevator, but to their surprise, they ended up giggling when they discovered Deputy Tony Scherb and other police officers going down.

As soon as the elevator doors shut, Scherb got to dancing to the current hit song by Silentó, “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae),” while wearing a bright orange blouse.

While dancing to the current tune, Scherb even performed some amazing ’80s dance moves and lipsynced to the words. After a while, Deputy Reed, another police officer, joined Scherb and began to dance along with the music, displaying moves that a senior officer probably wouldn’t have considered.
They were having a fantastic time until Chief Deputy Evan, one of their bosses, entered and got in the car with them. While the chief was on board, the two were incredibly silent as they tried to control their dance identities.

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But as soon as he was gone, the two started dancing again, and Deputy Murphy joined them, appearing to be in time with Scherb and Reed while doing the song’s signature motions.

They were joined by Sherriff Bill Elder toward the end of the video, which caused the three cops to become silent as they stood obediently as if nothing had happened. But to their amazement, Elder began to dance at once, and they delightedly joined in.

On Facebook, the video has now received close to nine million views, with comments expressing their joy in seeing the infrequently silly films of their courageous troops.

“I adored the EPC video! It’s beneficial to show the general public that officers are also people and have senses of humor. Despite the fact that we must have a serious and professional demeanor when speaking with them on the phone, someone noted.

“Watching that on television here in Las Vegas, Nevada, made my morning. Congratulations on your retirement, Deputy Scherb. Enjoy and have fun. I appreciate your years of dedication and sacrifice. Another person said, “God bless you and the rest of the men and women in uniform.

Watch the video below:

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