Richard Gere had to sell his house to move to a cheaper one…

Richard Gere’s acting career was put on hold a number of years ago, most likely as a result of comments he made that angered Hollywood’s financiers. He has now been forced to lower his lifestyle by moving somewhere less expensive.

Fans of Richard Gere may have observed over time that he doesn’t feature in movies as frequently as he once did. The biggest change, though, wasn’t brought on by his aging, obsolescence, or retirement.

Vanity Fair reported in 2017 how China contributed significantly to Hollywood’s funding. Richard disparaged China while making an off-script address on stage in support of the Tibetan people at the 1993 Oscars.

The exiled Dalai Lama’s companion and fellow Tibetan Buddhist revealed an incident that occurred to him in the past and presumably caused his removal from the big screen. Richard claimed that he had a project with a Chinese director that was supposed to be completed but didn’t.

The director informed him they couldn’t collaborate over the phone two weeks before to the start of filming. The actor and his family would have been imprisoned in China and would never have the opportunity to work with the director again, according to Richard.

“I had an incident recently when someone stated they couldn’t finance a movie with me because it would irk the Chinese.”

The star, though, wasn’t resentful about leaving Hollywood and losing her opportunities. He states that he is “OK” with not having to wear a tuxedo for contractually required red carpet appearances and adds, “I’m not interested in playing the wizened Jedi in your tentpole.”

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Additionally, the actor has continued to gain financial independence by taking up smaller film roles. Richard claimed to Vanity Fair that he had become so prosperous over the years that he could now afford to act in motion pictures.

Being driven out of Hollywood had the extra benefit of giving him a lot more free time. The “Pretty Woman” actor may now devote more time to his family and kids.

Richard experienced a door closing, but as he fell in love, another door opened. He met the woman who would become his wife in 2014; she was 33 years his junior.

After falling in love with Alejandra Silva, the “Primal Fear” actor started sending her flowers. She finally gave in and decided to go on a date with him, and that is when he finally stopped. Little did she realize that they were meant to be.

Before he met Silva, Richard had been married twice. In 2000, he had his first kid and son, Homer James Jigme, with his second ex-wife, Carey Lowell. 2016 saw the completion of the Golden Globe winner’s divorce from Lowell.

But they kept raising their son together. By 2018, Richard and Silva’s romance had developed to the point that they decided to get married. The actor opened up to People magazine about the couple’s romance in September, saying:

“The instant we spotted each other, our karma was drawn to one another. I’m not dismissing our age gap or what it’s like to date a Hollywood celebrity, but when there’s such a potent karmic energy, the issues vanish.

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Silva, an activist, also brought her son Albert from her previous marriage to Govind Friedland into the union. She and Richard often choose a private life away from the spotlight.

Alexander, the couple’s first child and first son together, was born in February 2019. In 2019, Silva said that she didn’t regret meeting the actor, calling him “the most humble, sensitive, caring, attentive, hilarious, generous man that I’ve ever met.” The couple’s relationship appeared to be going well.

She exclaimed, “I’m so in love,” telling Hola! that Richard would ask her what she wanted for the day every morning. Silva, who said that not a day went by without her husband mentioning how important she was to him, became the envy of all women.

Richard and his wife welcomed a second son in April 2020. The Chicago star has more kids now, but that doesn’t mean he has forgotten about Homer, whom he previously referred to as the “light of my life.”

The well-known spouse of the Spanish publicist admitted to the Hindustan Times in 2015 that he generally made his own film decisions but was cautious to stay in touch with Homer. Every time he had to go a long trip, he promised to discuss it with his son.

The three-story house also featured a basketball court, swimming pool, eating pavilion, and soccer field.
Richard would choose not to complete the project if there were any problems, admitting that “family is more essential than anything.” As of 2019, the star was still spending time with Homer.

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On a family vacation in Tuscany, Italy, sources were able to obtain pictures of the actor with Homer, Alexander, and Silva. Richard exercised outside with his oldest son to strengthen their relationship.

As they joked and talked while working out, the two appeared to be pretty close. The actor may lead a private existence, but in 2022, certain developments and alterations in his family life were made public.

The “American Gigolo” actor paid $1.51 million for his house in 1986, and over the years, he bought nearby residences to build his compound. He and his family resided in a colonial-style mansion with guesthouses and a stable.

Pound Ridge, about 50 miles outside of Manhattan, was where Richard lived. Along with Silva’s spouse, the town is home to other famous people including Tom Brokaw, Ryan Reynolds, and Mike Myers. The Ward Pound Ridge Reservation shares a boundary with Silva’s husband’s residence.

Rolling hills, a secluded lake with a beach, and weeping willows were among the natural features in Richard’s mansion. The three-story house also featured a basketball court, swimming pool, eating pavilion, and soccer field.

The 11,658 square foot main residence of the “Runaway Bride” actress features 10 bathrooms, eight bedrooms, a sunroom, a library, a contemporary kitchen, and a living room with a floor-to-ceiling fireplace.

Richard listed the house for $28 million in 2021. The celebrity wasn’t relocating too far, though, since he had acquired a Georgian-style estate in North Salem for a considerably lower $9.8 million.

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