Scarlett Johansson perfectly hides her daughter, but shares some facts about her…

Scarlett Johansson, a Hollywood actress, and Romain Dauriac, a French journalist, welcomed a daughter, Rose Dorothy. When she goes on the talk show circuit promoting a new endeavor, her mother maintains her privacy but shares a few well chosen anecdotes about her precocious kid.

In the 1990s, Scarlett Johansson first gained notoriety as a child star. This doesn’t seem to be the direction she wants her daughter Rose Dorothy to go in. The Avenger admits that she is merely a parent at home but that “Black Widow” emerges when her child needs encouragement.

The actress forbids pictures of her daughter and sets a good example by abstaining from social media. By refraining from sharing anything about his stepdaughter or wife, her husband follows her example.

Rose Dorothy was born in 2014 in New York City, just like her well-known mother. Her mother referred to her maternal great-grandmother as the “first Francophone” in her family, and her middle name is a tribute to her.

Her initial name, Rose, has a unique connection to her younger brother Cosmos. Her mother-in-law objected to the name, but his little sister’s approval sealed the deal. She described the siblings’ endearing relationship as follows:

“They both resemble flowers. Not many individuals draw that conclusion. Cosmo is a little flower that comes in a variety of orange and yellow tones. That is why it appealed to my daughter as well.”

After two years of dating, the “Marriage Story” star and Dauriac wed in a private ceremony on a ranch in Montana. Journalist Dauriac once served as editor of the publication Clark.

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According to The Black Widow, Kelly Clarkson’s daughter followed her, and the mother enjoyed the attention.
A creative independent advertising firm was founded by the former journalist. After divorcing in 2017, Rose has shared custody of both parents. In 2020, the actress wed Colin Jost, a writer and comedian, for the third time.

The mother talked about a nutrition lesson she learned from parenting her first child. She never has a problem getting Rose to eat healthily and thinks it’s important to give kids choices. She uttered:

“The greatest approach, in my opinion, is to just let youngsters explore food in this way, without making it seem like a work. Each person has a unique palette. I never tried to hide any meals from my child or to make her eat anything she didn’t enjoy.”

The Black Widow revealed to Kelly Clarkson that her daughter had been following her, and the parent enjoyed the attention even though she knew her daughter wouldn’t always want to hang around. Months later, she acknowledged that Rose is now ashamed of her, particularly after she danced on the way to school.

When Cosmo was born on August 18, 2021, Rose became a big sister. Jimmy Fallon heard from her mother on the big sister’s perspective on the new role “She has a lot going on in her life, according to The Tonight Show. She has a packed social schedule, so I doubt the kid would pique her interest as much as, like, any other item really.”

The majority of Johansson’s pregnancy was spent concealing the existence of her second child. A few days before his birth, her husband—a first-time father—broke the news during a comedy routine.

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A Harvard graduate and published author of “A Very Punchable Face: A Memoir,” Colin Jost is Cosmo’s father. He met his famous wife when she served as the show’s host and now works as a head writer for Saturday Night Live.

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